New CS Scribblers Interest Check ūüĖĆÔłŹ + Raffle!

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by Renmantai

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I have a new cs called Scribblers, here's some info on them:

Scribblers are magical beings with  colourful tattoos on their skin (limbs and abdomen), which earns them  their name. Their skin is textured like paper, most commonly matte, and  their skin colour is usually white or a light grey. Their tattoos are  what they rely on to channel their magic, so the more tattoos the more  powerful the Scribbler is.

A Scribbler's  tattoos grow in as they age, but they're not infinite, a gold band  termed a limiter will gradually grow in, stopping the growth of tattoos  and limiting magic prowess. Most common Scribblers have their limiters  around the knee/elbow area on average with one or two breaching onto the  upper limbs, but there are rumours of some with all upper limb limiters  or even no limiters at all. These tattoos are all one base colour, but  when light shines on them they shine in a different colour, creating a  unique iridescent image.

Their tails can be  used to write with their base colour, like inkbrushes! They tend to  accessorize and dress according to their colour scheme as well, and  generally dislike completely covering their limb tattoos, as they're a  show of power.

Currently I don't have a species/trait sheet for them yet, but I don't have any projected rarities except for unusual skin colours + limiter positions. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!

Here's the auction I currently have up of them on dA, with a starting bid of 15USD if you're interested! (please DM me or comment below if you would like to bid?):



Oh, they're pretty! I love your art style.


Here is a Scribbler raffle on dA!!!



I have a dA group up for them if anyone is interested as well!


these look really promising! i love eye-popping colors and will definitely keep an watch on this species.

i'd just like to ask if the horns serve a purpose or are they merely decorative? sorry if i seemed to miss something!



Thank you for your interesting and UHHH for now they're just decorative but I'm still in the super early stages of development... They might have a purpose/lore behind them in the future but for now no!


ooh, if i may suggest, perhaps they could be some sort of inkwell (that maybe slowly replenishes over time)? though i'm not sure if that would effect their appearance



Oh that's an interesting concept, thank you for the suggestion I might think on it!