[masterlist wip] Closed Species

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hiya! this is a running/in progress list of (at least) decently well-known closed species. feel free to add! if a species is just starting out and/or is not well known, it can be listed under the 4th spoiler if it meets the two requirements. currently trying to add links for all listed species; please link if you happen to know the group page/th world and/or creator's page!

note: to clarify, i would like to keep this a list of decently well known cs to avoid clutter! ; w ; for the time being (please suggest parameters if you have any better ideas, i know this is rly subjective!) i am going to define 'well known' as has a visual trait list/sheet and more of the following: MYO masterlist (if applicable), dA group with an organized structure and at least 100 watchers, active discord server, or is a commonly seen/recognizable name in the trade forum

new and startup species obv have more relaxed requirements, however there must be some sort of organized hub with evidence of activity and/or interest and visual trait list/sheet to be on this list! links to said hub will be included on list.

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last updated 3/10/19

- 3/9/19 alphabetized & cleaned up lol; moved vitriceus to new cs

- 3/11/19 added some thread guidelines; moved LunEars to new cs; added sugar flyers, grem2, cccats, scarfox

- 3/12/19 added spacepuffs, strudels, stardragons

*list format is creator - species name - active/inactive/discontinued (recent change?)

*species by the same creator are listed together. if their active statuses are different, they will be listed separately

*sorted alphabetically within category


aysh - efuru - active
caine/xcastra - vetehi - active
cappuchi - bookling - active
casin0s - mignyan - active
cresii - silk - active
erebun - elusi - active
hen-tie - lilidae - active
ibex - merlody - active
ikkuyo - sprinkle kitty - active

kaiet - venia - inactive
kitpaii - cloki - active
krawark - willarc & lunaith & aracalie & xylon & galaxybun - active
lacha - nu & osenyan 'nyan' - active?
machomilk - fleuros & zippur - active?
nemcrsd - coresoft - inactive?
nemcrsd - hikhres - active

oujikyuu - aerolins - active
pajuxi - cherim - inactive

pafait- spacepuffs
pajuxi - dainty & nalu - active
piffi - shadowmonster & blindlace - active?
pikiru - heartpuff - active?
rehmiel - diab - active?
relxion - lineheart - active?
rkzn - forget-me-not angel 'fmn' & calamitous devil 'cd' - discontinued (recent)
sakokii - werewoof 'woof' - active
sera1023 - areques & molliors - active
yoofiebuns - galatier & celestier & smoketail & lapifora - active

ANTHRO/FERAL idk how to get this back above the spoiler oops

cookiehana - eeray - active
gryphonslade - venos - active

j-e-n-o-v-a - technoctem
jotaku - melwyrm - inactive?
jotaku - sphaerra & blakrye - active

kakiwa - scarfox - active

loppyrae - strudels
manaberry - elnin/kittom - active

mrgremble - grem2 - active
puru - meowl - inactive??
raypai - birdfolk - active

raptorslut & cloneclone & deletethestars - stardragons (FA link)
ugly-g0d - all species - discontinued/changed to open (recent)
umbral-wind - dreamy & czylph - active
umbral-wind scarftail & nudibrat - inactive? 

wellhidden - cccats - active


bluc/hopebiscuit - pokemon gijinkas 'blucs' - active

spoonfed/glider - longthing - inactive


eikyrona & linius - vitriceus - discord server

kiyasamatheinu - LunEars (uppercase e) - dA group

steampunk - sugar flyers - discord server

feel free to patch anything not listed or marked as uncertain!


I don't think vatts were discontinued necessarily, the creator just isn't super active


LunEars are a closed species! KiyasamatheInu The species is active, as is kiya!


Heres some!

-Heartpuffs by pikiru are inactive (atm at least it appears that way), 

-sera1023 - molliors (active)

krawark - galaxybun, Xylon, lunaith, aracalies (active)

Ikkuyo - sprinkle kitties (active) 

Nemcrsd - Hikhres (active), coroseft (??)

Kaiet - Venia (active? Artist inactive with adopts)

Aysh - efurus (active)

Hope this helps!!


Umbral didn't make Meowls. IDK who did, but it wasn't umbral :'3

also clokis are by kitpaii


meowls are by puru. booklings are by cappuchi. 


I'm very honored to see my name listed there!! I'm not quite sure what the (other name?) note means though, but my dA is xcastra if that's what you're thinking! 


thanks everyone!! \o/ all updated

SeaSlugs hiii o7 are sprinkle kitties, venias, and efurus humanoid? ive heard the names but dont recall seeing any LOL


Yep! Efurus have a feral form as well, though, but they're mostly humanoid


thanks!! o7 also got on pc for a bit amd thread is now sparkly & organized huhuuu


A one for to go under new Species is:

By QuinkiArts (DA) - Munchkin Dragons - Active 

They are feral! ^^


Minor note with the LunEars they have to be spelled with that capitalization there is a species called the Lunears on DA that was created after I created my species.


KiyasamatheInu updated!

GeckoSauce could you link me please? ovo

general note when listing species to add itd be much appreciated to include creator and/or group/world link(s) ; w ;!


Steampunk has the Sugar Flyers! They are active and they are anthro I believe!