[CS IC] Caeli Dolls | new! traits sheet

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Are you interested in getting one?

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Caeli Dolls are sentient/self-aware life sized dolls that's main purpose is to provide company to those who need it

Powered by Aether, an abundant free-flowing energy found all around us, these dolls will rarely need to recharge


! I plan on making this a CS because I would like to be able to control the production of these dolls as they are a part of the multiverse I am building !

And since they are part of my multiverse where inter-dimensional travel exists, it also means they can be found in any location story-wise, so there won't be any restrictions with interaction among the dolls and other cs and ocs that are part of a different setting

EDIT: Temporary traits sheet now available ! caeli_trait.png?width=602&height=428


Hmmm, I'm interested in these guys but I'm wondering what I'd do with one. 🤔 I guess they're kind of like androids? Are they free to have personalities, or are they more rigid?


hikarushirou yes they're free to have personalities! I'd like them to have a warmer presence instead of the rigid robotic androids you often see in sci-fi

Though they'd be in a sort of learning phase after their initial activation, they would most likely try to match or mirror the personalities that surround them before they can fully have a personality of their own. So think of them like smol babies trying to learn about the world bit by bit


Oh no, I have a weakness for cute babubots! ; v; Makes me think of Johnny 5 or Wall-E. Helping AI learn how life sounds like a great way for the caretaker (owner seems harsh if they're companions basically) to bond to with the doll too! ^^