[CS] Caeli Dolls

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Caeli Dolls



I'm currently holding a survey for caeli doll pricing. Please answer it if you have the time!

Caeli Dolls are sentient/self-aware life sized dolls that's main purpose is to provide company to those who need it
Powered by Aether, an abundant free-flowing energy found all around us, these dolls will rarely need to recharge

Up for Adoption


Hmmm, I'm interested in these guys but I'm wondering what I'd do with one. 🤔 I guess they're kind of like androids? Are they free to have personalities, or are they more rigid?


hikarushirou yes they're free to have personalities! I'd like them to have a warmer presence instead of the rigid robotic androids you often see in sci-fi

Though they'd be in a sort of learning phase after their initial activation, they would most likely try to match or mirror the personalities that surround them before they can fully have a personality of their own. So think of them like smol babies trying to learn about the world bit by bit


Oh no, I have a weakness for cute babubots! ; v; Makes me think of Johnny 5 or Wall-E. Helping AI learn how life sounds like a great way for the caretaker (owner seems harsh if they're companions basically) to bond to with the doll too! ^^


Hello! I love these species; they sound fantastic!   

I enjoy the fact that these guys can communicate and have a bit of life.

However, this got me thinking...

So you know how technology usually has problems?

What if they had malfunctions that deviated from their purpose of being companions, or have traits, but the malfunction messes with the traits? They wouldn't be bad per say, but it could make them more lively and unique.

For example: 

They could have a free will malfunction, and instead of being companions, they could do something else. (Whatever the person who owns the Caeli wants) 

With a trait, they could be buff, but never have the heart to fight and would rather enjoy the girly things in life?

I don't know, but I thought it was a nice thought. Thank you so much for your time, and I hope Caeli Dolls do in fact come to be a reality.   


Ambrosia-Saffron Thank you for the suggestion !! I hadn't thought much about malfunctions yet so your idea gave me a good jump start heheh Caeli dolls are still a work in progress so I'll definitely keep your idea in mind when I finalize everything


All right! Thanks so much! I don’t know why but I thought of malfunctions, and usually people try to make money off of their species, so y’know if that helps, you could make people pay like $15-$25 or something for a mutation.

Thanks so much, I subscribbled just in case you do any events so I can be notified. 😃 


looks hella cute!


I thought there was a cake where the core was- accurate still haha

anyways, these are hecka precious and i approve 


Up! New traits sheet available!!

check the main post for the sheet~


This is a really interesting idea! I'd love me a companion robot if/when you're ready to share them ^^


Introducing Adaline, the very first Caeli Doll !



You can read a bit of lore about the dolls in Adaline's background! The profile is still a work in progress so some info might still be missing,,, and whew coding hurts my shoulders


do you plan on making a MYO event for them?


Gipsy_Danger yes! I do plan on doing a small MYO event for them, I don't have a specific date for it yet tho hehe

Em ardensmiley

#C-001 Em! Second doll created, a friend of Adaline !


//crying noises\\ i need one omg