Familiungi (Familiar-based CS Interest Check)

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Would you be interested in adopt designs for them?

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6 Votes Yes, if it was within my budget.
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Hello! Wanted to try my hand at desgining original stuff, here's a concept for closed species I'm working on at the moment, doing an interest check if anyone might be interested if they were to be adopts ūüôą



Familiungi (Fungi x Familiar)

Current Traits (refer to image numbers):

1. Fungi Hat

2. Kemonomimi

3. Fungal Fluff / Fungal Gills

4. Tail

5. Seed Sprout

6. Seed


Rough species summary:

Familiungi are forest spirits born from fairy circles in areas with high magic energy, and they usually work for people who practice magic.

The sorcerer Mycelious gathers these familiars in the wild and helps them find new owners. They can assist in casting magic and like to help with household chores.


Still in development, will be working on my own first and if it works out with enough interest I can turn them into adoptables! Will post updates on them on my twitter / IG occasionally if interested.

Here's one of my own I'm currently working on just to see if the story / traits work out, his name is Rorollivan:


He doesn't have the fungal fluff/gills trait since I added those in after sketching his concept out, I'll probably tweak traits/story as I develop the species further. 


For adopts pricing, currently planning to set them for flat sales at $25-$30 USD each, no plans for MYOs since I won't have time to vet designs frequently. Also wanna share some concepts I thought of in making them adopts;

More about the species & Mycelious:

Made their lore pretty simple and flexible so they can easily integrate into other worlds (i.e. your character's universe).

Mycelious (the wizard who gathers these wandering forest spirits) is a sorcerer who can transit between different dimensions. Familiungi that you adopt will meet your characters when he happens to visit your universe. Most Familiungi prefer to be bonded to one "master" who uses magic but it's pretty flexible!

Item "Unlocking":

For Rorollivan I was planning to make him an item crafter so we can have a bit of fun with items; basically he'll just pop by once in a while with new items that can be "unlocked" by developing your Familiungi's story (i.e. you can choose one from a set of magic wands if you've written 500 words for a theme)!

The items probably won't be unique, they're just to add a bit of fun customisation options so you can choose to add these items to your Familiungi's profile if you want! So different Familiungi will be able to unlock the same items.

I don't currently¬†have enough time to run a complex points or item system, but I do want to design and do a bit of writing so I just plan¬†to keep it simple but fun _(‚Ēź„ÄĆőĶ:)_

Familiungi Profile Prompts:

Also was thinking of some profile prompts for then, basically I'll provide some blank fields adopters can choose to fill up (if they want) such as:

Household Chores, which chores are your Familiungi good at? Which are they bad at? Which ones do they want to learn?

- Sewing (making, mending clothes)

- Crafting (making items)

- Gardening (tending to garden / crops)

- Harvesting (food item gathering)

- Farming (tending to farm animals)

- Cooking (recipe invention)

- Potion Brewing

- Potion Ingredient Sourcing

- Cleaning / Washing

- Carpentry / Woodworks

- there are... more...

Sorcerer Assist Roles, what is your Familiungi's relationship with their sorcerer?

- Magic Catalyst (amplify magic)

- Elemental Assist (using magic their sorcerers can't)

- Companion (just company)

- Household Servant (helping with chores)

- Travel Guide

- Spy / Intel Gathering

- you get the idea ūü§£

I thought of a lot more prompts than were originally in my head, but yeah the rough idea! Basically just having fun with writing stories :'D


Thank you for the vote feedback so far!

Also, forgot to add that the concepts in the previous comment do not necessarily need to be followed, it's more of throwing out ideas for an if-you-want-to thing ‚ú®


Bumping again just to add that I might merge this thread with another one in the future since I have a few CS concepts in mind ‚ú®