[Interest Check] Janites

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by exxuus

Does this species interest you?

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Hey!! So I've had a species Idea for the past three or so years?

This species I have dubbed 'Janites', with their association to the roman god Janus. 

They are two-faced ball jointed dolls, which can be made from clay, resin, porcelain, or plastic. 

However they also have a bit of design issues, mainly being mutations to said beings. 

I do not currently have a trait list so I will show examples of these creatures and see if they are visually interesting to you. 

Constructive Criticism is appreciated!!

Here are the examples of this species that I've had as concepts so far: 

Current Only Janite to be on TH (Owned by Silkworm currently) 

Old Janite Concepts:



Current fullbody mockup of what a Janite could look like: 



-CS or OS, all Janites will be FREE. They would be recieved from raffles or WTAs if they are a closed species. I would only allow them to be sold if they have extra art. 

-Janites can have ears BESIDES cat ones, and don't have to have ears at all. 

-They do not have to have ball and socket joints, although it is common for them to. 

-As it stands, they have no deeper lore, so they may be fit into any story or plot. 


If you want a janite, comment on this thread and I will make one for you so you can become a beta tester of the design. I have no expectations of what you would do with the design, rather I would observe if you use it or not to tell about the interest in the species.


BJDs! * v* Here's a bump from a fellow doll lover.

Perhaps you could incorporate other doll aspects? Like "broken" or "melted" parts could be defects. Rare traits could maybe be purer forms of materials, like resin which is real world expensive usually, and cloth being the lowest (could have see joints).

Are the hats part of their heads and the ways of having different animal ears? Or none and then it's just a beanie like?


hikarushirou ohhh thats nice!! thanks for the feedback thats a cool idea :0

also yes the hats are part of their head and so are the ears!!