A New Species!

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by OnEarth

I've finally started up my new species, Andraains. (An-dray-in) I'm very excited to continue on, but I'm not sure if people will enjoy my species, or if they will even care. Can I have some tips on how to make a species more popular and/or interesting to people?

*there is a bulletin on my profile about the species- I just have one type ready at the moment.


Well you can't really determine what will and won't be popular aside from overused cliches like cats, dogs, dinos, and kemonomimi. What you want to do is stand out on your own, depending on what they are. For now more info and examples would be the best way to get some sort of interest.

I like the Goddess's theme and look, but can't judge anything as she could just be an OC.