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Feedback would be appreciated!

Edit 05.21: Despite initially interested parties, still seeking a writer.

I just wanted to get a thread for this going. BeenΒ working on these guys for the past couple months and I'm wondering what others think of them so far!

I'm open to suggestions for certain parts (like tribe names and trinket types), and personally I am looking for a writer. Who, I guess, if not wanting to do it for fun, can be a co-owner? I honestly have no idea how to write stories.... but I want to make this an ARPG. Something more than just "make your own x based on a sheet of traits". It would be much more interesting to see them interacting with others and going on adventures!

What are Meaziis?
A mustilade-like species infused with magic from eating the crystals that exist within their floating island.

What kind of traits do they have?
I'd prefer to keep this species community based, very much like weasels in real life. While they have different looks, there won't be any traits such as horns, wings, slime, tentacles, etc. They're a slightly more 'natural' species.

Will they be open, closed, or semi?
I like to make my species open, to allow anyone access to them!

Example images!

12690139_U1fnxZg14jk3y1c.jpg12690148_jpuhg5X4N129oom.png12690153_Y1k5nDfwhXBTO83.pngThe three Tribes, Common, Short Stack, and Stout. For details on their specific traits check the literature link at the top.
Each has three main strains of mustelidae (and others) they take after for customization.

12690172_5LbtEVK4yZDl0pe.png12690187_tDAStE7gTgsfeyY.jpgΒ An elderly Short Stack variant in the Caretaker Lifestyle with a generic baby.



I have no money, sorry, but aside from getting a custom NPC Meazii, they can be a co-owner on the dA Hub.


If you still need a writer, I would be interested in helping write lore! Β This seems like a fun species with a lot of room for interesting development!


CreativeRed Yes I am~! Β Feel free to DM me, I also have Discord and can toss my username your way then.


If you still need writers, I have a lot of experience typing things up for people and could help out in my spare time. I'm looking to get some exposure so I'd like a good word if you think I helped out well. :)


TheStrayCat Even if one writer applies, there's not to say we might just end up bouncing ideas instead. So feel free to DM me.


Ok, sounds great! I'll do that now. :)


Still seeking help. All other offers have led to dead ends.