Ask the oc above you doodles!

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First OC game whew!

The Idea is pretty simple, you ask the person above you's oc a question, and they will respond with a doodle of their character answering that question. Skill level doesn't matter K please join!

Also if you don't want to be asked specific questions, let the person below you know in your post. Please leave your art as an edit.


Person: Hey Sunny , What's your favourite type of flower?



"This may sound really boring, but it's actually Daisies"

Hope this works!



I'm so down for this. Sasha, least favorite animal?

Edit: this is fun x]

Hekate does not recommend the doppleganger life unless you enjoy scratching private places in public spaces~


Hekate: How do your doppelganger powers work?

(she's not exactly lying; she did like those times with her, but she doesn't hold emotional attachment to it. she just liked sayan better when she was more agreeable)


azira, what's a favorite memory you have of your twin?

(any character or question is fine!)


as fun as those days were, it was still a little stressful and not exactly as glamorous as some people might assume. the gambler lifestyle is much more relaxing and profitable for rowan!




Rowan, what made you get out of the sky pirate business?


Nani in no way dreams about being adopted and living with a loving family nope not at all


 Nani, how do you think your life would be effected if you had been born with back legs? 

What do you think woukd be different, would you still be the same as you are now?


Lu: What's your best psychic trick? Show me!

"The whole team aims for a more cirque du soleil type of act. I love doing acrobacies on the trapeze! Sometimes I have another person, sometimes I do it alone. It's fun to see the other guys perform before me, as my act is usually the last one!"


Circe, what kind of circus disciplines do you practice? Which ones are your favourite to watch or do?


(OOC I love this idea)


So you like painting landscapes? What's your favourite landscape you've ever seen that you've wanted to paint?


nisha, how close are you with your brother?


Mia: what sorts of things can you do with that mechanical arm?

(please don't ask any of these ocs. any other is fair game!)

(She only answered one of those, and it's that she doesn't feel it hard. Her usual artstyle is abstract or surreal, and all the humans she draws have claws like her!)



Hey Monty, what things do you like to paint? do you find it hard to do things in your mantis form without proper hands? 


beep beep


Yellow-Boots: What is your show about?

(please don't ask any of these ocs. any other is fair game!)

"You're all very amusing!"

The Silly Ewe MathewMii

Teeth Monster: How do people react when you eat with your eye mouths?