Game: Make an outfit for the character above you!

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago (Edited 2 years, 3 months ago) by Hanadoodles

Inspired by the hugely successful draw a character from the person above you thread, here's another forum game with similar rules! 

  • Post to claim a spot. 
  • Look through the characters of the person above you.
  • Make an outfit for them! It's recommended to post a little bit about the character's personal aesthetic, the type of things they'd wear, etc. just so the person after you has some idea) 
  • It's recommended to post IC but that's not entirely mandatory, although please do specify which OC you are designing for if there is none selected above.)
  • Outfits can be simple or complex, digital or traditional.
  • Post BEFORE doing any designs; we don't want two people making an outfit for the same character 
  • You may use sites such as Polyvore/Tumblr/Pinterest or dollmakers/Dreamselfy if fashion design isn't your thing, but please credit any non-original content used. 
  • Don't forget to thank the person below you in an edit to your comment or via PM! 
  • Please wait until at least 3-4 other people have commented before commenting again. 
  • Make sure you have at least one public character, and that images aren't set to thumbnails. 

Since I don't have anyone above me, I'll put together an outfit for the first person to comment >o> (will be traditional as my tablet's currently broken but I will update with the colored version once I get a replacement) 
(Edit: for you-are-butt

And as for my character, some cozy hipster-y fall outfit in reds/oranges/browns for her maybe? 

 Kyoya & Karen you-are-butt

I'll claim! :D I might actually do a few different ones for her if that's chill!
Used polyvore bc let's be honest i use polyvore for most of my characters' outfits too lol
Hope these are hipster-y and autumn-y enough!

Kyoya also likes kinda hipster-y clothes, maybe some ugly seasonal sweaters, flannels, shirts with stupid sayings on them... Just as long as the color palette is similiar!

YOOOOO THAT'S CUTE AS HECK! I love it ;u; <3

Aiden Altair


If you click it, it will get bigger! 
I tried so hard

For Aiden... Idk add clocks



AA ghostance thank you //// I love it.s,jkfdalj

Drake Blackwell birthday

(im rly not experienced with clothes so u can change it however you want tbh)

draw me an outfit for an au you think would fit drake (can be historical/movie/music/video game/etc). he likes formal clothing and is very concerned about his appearance

Cerise irri-kirrillee

Oh this sounds fun! 


For cherry shes super into 50's and 60's fashion especially rockabilly

Gus Nokiry


Gus has been wearing the same stinky outfit for years pls dress this child (he likes to wear bright colors)

Edit: (gonna pm the fullsize ver!)

Yannik LeniProduction

 Winter is coming and this guy needs some clothes he wouldn't freeze in x'D
don't have to be winter clothes, just a longer outfit with an acutal top part would be nice ;D 
I hope you like this outfit :'3
here is a link to the full view

Diablo birthday


maybe make my girl here something fantasy/rpg related? 

Anita Calaveras Patriarty


Abeodan Silverbrand lantern-k1ng

Claim! lantern-k1ng so i don't lose it.
He's from a fantasy mmo if you like drawing that stuff, but he also has a modern au where he's all about pastel goth

Seismi RomieTears


Seismi is usually up to wearing military-inspired clothing. He leans less towards formal wear, but he can occasionally be seen wearing it~ As far as colors go, different shades of yellow-greens and grays would probably suit him best!


I hope you like the outfit! I had a lot of fun designing--

Kenzie Sciene Animaloftheelements


Kenzie right here usually wears very girly clothing, and would show skin on the arms and legs but isn't really known to show skin anywhere else. He enjoys bright colours, especially pinks. 



so kinda tried to go for an alternate outfit, while still keeping a long coat, and kind of something that was a bit more casual(feel free to change whatever you want)

hope you like it!

Bliss Jutta

Claim !


I really need clothes for her! She likes casual clothes that are still fashionable, with earthy tones! 


Ignore me I'm just bumping this up if that's okay

 Hana Valerius (Persona) Hanadoodles

Claim!! Looking for an outfit for this babe! She likes fitted jackets, military style clothing, long coats, etc. Usually wears dark colours with lighter accents.

Koyuki Ace-Of-Shadow

Hanadoodles Done ! 

  ( )

About Koyuki, she's a prositute from the modern japan Era so she likes sexy (but not vulgar) modern japanese outfit (like inspired by a kimono but not a kimono ;w;) also she is a brutapede gijinka ! (shiny) 

But you can work with any of these characters, I'm looking for outfits for them !  just PM if you need infos on them ;w;