Game: Make an outfit for the character above you!

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago (Edited 2 years, 2 months ago) by Hanadoodles

Inspired by the hugely successful draw a character from the person above you thread, here's another forum game with similar rules! 

  • Post to claim a spot. 
  • Look through the characters of the person above you.
  • Make an outfit for them! It's recommended to post a little bit about the character's personal aesthetic, the type of things they'd wear, etc. just so the person after you has some idea) 
  • It's recommended to post IC but that's not entirely mandatory, although please do specify which OC you are designing for if there is none selected above.)
  • Outfits can be simple or complex, digital or traditional.
  • Post BEFORE doing any designs; we don't want two people making an outfit for the same character 
  • You may use sites such as Polyvore/Tumblr/Pinterest or dollmakers/Dreamselfy if fashion design isn't your thing, but please credit any non-original content used. 
  • Don't forget to thank the person below you in an edit to your comment or via PM! 
  • Please wait until at least 3-4 other people have commented before commenting again. 
  • Make sure you have at least one public character, and that images aren't set to thumbnails. 

Since I don't have anyone above me, I'll put together an outfit for the first person to comment >o> (will be traditional as my tablet's currently broken but I will update with the colored version once I get a replacement) 
(Edit: for you-are-butt

And as for my character, some cozy hipster-y fall outfit in reds/oranges/browns for her maybe? 

Kiki Octomomo


I didn't have the time to draw an outfit, but just made an avi from gaia's avi builder.


Kiki usually wear uniforms in both living and dead but love to wear dresses and skirts but longer enough to cover her skin patches. Her favorite things (color, animal, food, etc) are purple, penguins, cinnamon buns; the color schemes should be something in between light and dark. 





*casually bumps the thread again*

Tilly crowy




tilly likes comfortable clothing. most of the time she likes things that are too big for her (longer sleeves/baggier shirts)

her fav colors are pink and red in any shade, she likes hearts and games/technology

Seil Cura


As for Ceil here, he likes wearing anything soft , comfy and simple. He will always wear his bandages underneath the clothes he wears no matter what.


SKIP ME *bumps the thread* Also @Octomo thank you very much for that lovely outfit ! ;/////; 

Alexandra braangster


alex dresses cute, comfy, and feminine, but in a way that's still professional as she's an elementary school teacher! she loves skirts and dresses, but also really just anything cute. 

♥ Gabi (old main, very hard) Xalix

Oooh, I shall take the challenge! 


Claiming ♥


edit; I am literally so sorry for failing ;-;

evren _featherweather


Please draw Evren in a song inspired magical outfit (either gender, any song).

Oceanic Ernest Hopkins Bostonia


Drusilla Tristan LunaBell





Claim ! 


Khpr-Nem oneironym

This sounds like fun, too >u> I'll look through everyone after I get off work tonight, so I may edit later this evening if I need more infos?

Ace-Of-Shadow: a polyvore collection for you for Miyuki! I got a little carried away and tried out like three ensembles. I hope you like!

May I get a modern-style outfit for Nem, please? =D

Azurite 4357 SalveteImRachel


Done! sorry, a bit tired so I used a base! hope you like it though. Base:

I'd love an outfit that looks sort of punk for Azu! (btw, people ask. so no, he's not a gem. he was made before Steven Universe was a thing XD)

Morifune oneironym

I love the idea of this thread and I wanna keep it going, so I shall claim XD

2x punks! Tried to do one more classic '80s style, and one more out there. The skin-tone shirt should match Azurite's skintone, of course. There aren't too many blue people on polyvore, unfortunately.

I'd love some modern street fashion for Mori, please!