Game: Make an outfit for the character above you!

Posted 2 years, 9 months ago (Edited 2 years, 1 month ago) by Hanadoodles

Inspired by the hugely successful draw a character from the person above you thread, here's another forum game with similar rules! 

  • Post to claim a spot. 
  • Look through the characters of the person above you.
  • Make an outfit for them! It's recommended to post a little bit about the character's personal aesthetic, the type of things they'd wear, etc. just so the person after you has some idea) 
  • It's recommended to post IC but that's not entirely mandatory, although please do specify which OC you are designing for if there is none selected above.)
  • Outfits can be simple or complex, digital or traditional.
  • Post BEFORE doing any designs; we don't want two people making an outfit for the same character 
  • You may use sites such as Polyvore/Tumblr/Pinterest or dollmakers/Dreamselfy if fashion design isn't your thing, but please credit any non-original content used. 
  • Don't forget to thank the person below you in an edit to your comment or via PM! 
  • Please wait until at least 3-4 other people have commented before commenting again. 
  • Make sure you have at least one public character, and that images aren't set to thumbnails. 

Since I don't have anyone above me, I'll put together an outfit for the first person to comment >o> (will be traditional as my tablet's currently broken but I will update with the colored version once I get a replacement) 
(Edit: for you-are-butt

And as for my character, some cozy hipster-y fall outfit in reds/oranges/browns for her maybe? 


Claim! Some ideas here:

Telescope with something of a sci-fi vibe (either a uniform or something more casual will do)

Bellsnow but instead of warm clothing, wearing something lighter/more suitable for summer (because opposite day¿)

Queva but with a more fantasy-like clothing. Since she's a dark mage/witch, you can guide on that.

If none of these tickle your fancy anyone else will do just fine!

EDIT: Done! I was originally going to do a kappa-themed shirt (as in, cup of tea >> Kappa tee) but then I changed it to a hoodie of the same theme ;w; hope you like it!



Claim !

Feel free to choose some1 of these <3

Amethyst (Amethyst is a witch wiccan style boi. can also be a bit of Mori influence)
John (Can be Comfy, nerdy, casual, trad scottish etc.)
Moja (Moja has the most freedom in style. Can be cute, sexy, comfy, sporty etc.)
Amoris (Amoris has the most style refs. has to be diva/sexy/angelic tho ;O)

PS: if there are no ideas for my characters outfits, I have a pintrest wall for everyone of them in their bios where you can find some inspiration for outfits i think they would wear :p

Finished! I couldnt decide which outfit I wanted to see your cutie in so I drew all 3 ideas :D!

Miku Shimizu Animaloftheelements


Looking for something casual but fun for Miku for when she isn’t teaching



London LizLoveLie

Claim <3  Done! Animaloftheelements


London isn't particularly picky with clothing even though she has her own established style but anything new will be fun :)


Claiming LizLoveLie

I found these outfits and couldnt decide between them!


Anyone in my mains folder 

All i ask is that you accessorize the outfit you design with stuff or patterns! (dont make just a plain shirt and pants pls?) 

Rose StormTheBard

Claim! mothkid

Looking for a mage outfit for Rose. Simple is good! But please try to make it cover as much of her as possible! 

EDIT: Done and sent!


Kishu leon071

Claim StormTheBard !!

I’d love either something nice and casual or a hero outfit with a Celtic or Victorian vibe!! Also feel free to draw him with his head attached if that’s easier!!

Ethen HopelessDreamer22


I'd like something for Ethen please, anything you think would suit him will do!~

Polina Rorichi

HopelessDreamer22 hope it looks ok ;w;

id like something for this girl ^^

she likes menhera fashion, but she is also into russian grunge style? so yeah, you can mix these two styles too if you want xd

Amy Bribrioche


Something for Amy would be awesome :3

IfAmy isn't okay any humanoid is fine :3



Anyone works, but here's some suggestions:

Barbo with something either pastel or dark-and-neon. Feel free to use her glasses' palette for the colour references.

Veid with a casual outfit with some theme to it. Be it a song, a fashion genre, a foodplate---Surprise me! You can play around with the scarf's style too >:3c

Telescope with something of a sci-fi vibe (either a uniform or something more casual will do)

Queva but with a more fantasy-like clothing. Since she's a dark mage/witch, you can guide on that.

EDIT: Done!




Options in spoiler.

Lanely: She needs soldier gear! Something without a lot of camo would be preferable. Needs a diamond dog symbol on it somehwhere.
NVRMRE: Something a little slutty and gothic/punk. No corsets and she has a very small chest. She loves black.
TBN: Needs a MEDEIVAL outfit. Something with a loin cloth perhaps, but american indian inspired without showing too much skin.


Claim!  Finished!

Max needs a non-binary look to them! (MOST IMPORTANT)

Mai needs a longer kimono that hides her tail! I would like for it to be a similar palette to the original outfit!

Stellar always like updating their closet!


oooo claim!

EDIT:: heeeere she is!!!! /o\ ThatOneWow

lucia needs some outfits !!! anything goth tbh will work - just pls dont get rid of her tummy and don't give her a huge rack :'D

vampyric this is my sort of girl :D I can't wait to design an outfit DONE


An outfit for one of these 4 please:

Holly (please stick to pastel aesthetic)

Andy (Please stick to emo/goth/punk aesthetic)

Bloom (whatever you think will work as there anthro)

Angel (Please stick to goth/emo aesthetic)