✨ Draw for the person above you! ✨ Update!

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Draw For the Person Above You!

Claim a Post!
Draw something that meets the request of the person above you!
Edit your comment to include the art you completed! (OR pm the art to the user!)

Wait until the next page, and you can do it again!

✘ Do not claim more than once per page
✘ Finish the art for the user you claimed and post it before you can claim again
✘ Please try to finish your art in one week, at the very most.
✘ Please post at least three characters for the artist to choose from
✘ Put effort* into your art! If you don't want to do that, then try this thread instead.

*Though it's tough to really judge effort, a few things you can do to show that you did put in effort are: Draw more than just a head-shot. Color your artwork. If traditional, draw on unlined paper and take a clear, well-lit picture or scan the work. Pay attention to character descriptions. Don't be afraid to ask questions (via pm) about the character you want to draw!


I got really inspired to draw Meredith and had a very clear idea in my mind when i read she loved plants; I hope you like it! <3 

full sizes are here


Johan Drovaström Barbilou


Anyone is fine, but Johan would be preferred ùwú

EDIT: Done!


Major Characters mithrou

claim! anyone from the sorta... hub thing i linked is fine! 

(edit: wifi sucks sorry for posting twice)

2nd edit: Barbilou done! hope this is good lol


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Brian Bribrioche



Brian plz but any human is fine :3 



Anyone is fine


Ahhh you have such cute OC! Claim! 


Here Is your OC! Hope your like it! 

Antoine with less art Is perfect :3


Claim SuperiorKenshi Done


My preferred = Holly / Dani / Bloom / Mint Chip



Would love either - Lex | Kato | Pangiota | Misfortune | Roman | Ciampa

SiannieG36 Done!!




Anyone is in this folder is fine!

EDIT: Finished! Sent the full image via the image uploader!



Claim! Edit: Done!


Anyone in this tag is fine (o^▽^o)


Oof haven’t done this in a long time lol

Claim, have a gander and choose whatever gets your interest.


file?downloadToken=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbthis piece was a bit more experimental, i wanted to play around with front facing angular poses and mess around with stylistically coloring a bit outside the lines like i do for my background art. hope you like it! <3  stash: https://sta.sh/02208nab5c4l 


Didn’t see this til now, I love it~ <3


Claiming Azrael~ :>

I would highly prefer art of https://toyhou.se/1652098.zieryn !

But here are some other ones I'll look forward to! <33
(Placed a quick description for those who have preferences!)

- Petite "female-presenting" elf, male: https://www.deviantart.com/reincarnationz/gallery/62693123/Project-VII
- Lean humanoid demon, male: http://reincarnationz-oc.weebly.com/cyril.html
- DnD inspired "smol fite" half-elf, female: http://fav.me/dcxeuxq
- Very... stylized lol, BNHA OC, male: https://www.deviantart.com/reincarnationz/gallery/64277297/Saino-no-Aru

All done! Very fun character to work with!! Hope you enjoy! <33


AMG I'M CRYING THIS IS SO CUTE! I love how you drew the pose and the detailing of his golden limbs!! AND YES THE LIL PLUSHIEEE!! <33 SO ADORABLE AHH THANKS~~ <33333


Claimed! Not sure which one I'll do but I love doing D&D style characters! <3

EDIT: Omg Zieryn is so hard to draw! But it was a fun challenge! I Hope you like the little plushie! <3


I would love more art of Judge, but feel free to draw anyone in my th. And feel free to have fun with it, dress them up, pose em, whatever you want! If you need info on a character please feel free to pm me. (I don't have all my profiles finished ;; )

Wouldn't mind art of:

Wander (Human)

Joy (Humanesque)

Darius (Humanesque shapeshifter, wouldn't mind alt forms for him, His favorite forms are crows, ravens, and dragons)