Draw an Icon for the above person's OC

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago (Edited 10 months, 4 days ago) by Komadori varkarrus

A pretty simple game, basically just like the Draw For The Above Character thread, but easier. You're just drawing an icon, nothing fancy!

Just some simple rules:

  1. Keep in mind it should look good if scaled down to 200*200 pixels
  2. Claim before you start drawing
  3. You're not allowed to post in this thread again until you finish your claim.
  4. If someone claims, never finishes, posts again, and you notice this, feel free to skip them (which means you get a free icon :P).
  5. Post in character if you want an icon for a specific OC.


  1. Make sure you follow the character's reference! On one hand, I'd ask for creators to not get picky over minor flaws or discrepancies (especially related to fashion), but if very important character features are missing (i.e if a character is missing horns / eyes), that's a Problem that should be fixed.
  2. Put in Some effort. Again, it's not super fancy, just an icon... but that doesn't give you license to spend half the effort you'd normally put on one! This is gonna be more "honor rule" and won't be harshly enforced, but if someone breaks this rule too hard and too often I'll have to make a judgement.
Tobias Venuste Silvaze126

Claim! I have an addiction to icons. One of him would be nice! 

Edit: Done!


Simon Valentines Ressy

Claim! Finished! Hope you like it!


Simon desperately needs one or you can pick anyone in this tag please!

Mi ItsMeGavin

claim! done! Trupokemon


Mi please owo

Erven Aurinn

Claim ItsMeGavin

I'd love something of Erven but any others of mine are fine too


GHHH I'm so sorry I took so long stuff came upicon_for_toyhouse_person_1.png

taiyō (teru myo) Star-overload


this boy please! if you absolutely cant do him then pm me 

edit: sent!

Bit knightofpherae

Star-overload claim!!! i need to work on doing lineless headshots again,,,

( edit: done!! these r usually the icons i make for my ocs when im not lazy and just crop the character refs to the head as 200 x 200 )


uhhhh.. i feel like bit would look good with an icon not drawn by me so yeehaw. you CAN do any of my ocs though if you can't draw bit just. like. maybe pm / ask beforehand

( if you cant do anthros / robots / whtever, i was tied between bit and mocha whos humanoid so u can do him instead!! ) ( VVVV I KOVLLOVE RHTT THANK YOU )


any ocs in my general folder is okay
finished! https://sta.sh/01ntn7ejqsc3