Create a Character using the Aesthetic Above {UPD}

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I'm so sorry I love these thread so much lmao

What do you mean by "Aesthetic"?

Though I'm sure a lot of you know, I figured I'd explain just in case! Well to over-simplify, in this game you will be posting a series of images (Or one image) that you consider aesthetically pleasing. This can be anything from a simple theme to just a pretty picture. You will be making characters based on the colour scheme, contents and overall feel of the images. Be sure to include as much of the aesthetic as possible into the design.


Preparing before posting:

Gather images or find one image that you like. It must be an aesthetic image. If an image of a character is provided, it must have an aesthetic to it and not with the intention of ripping the character off. You may also not use pre-existing moodboards of characters and their outfits as it may yield a character ripoff. If you have one image, link to it on here. If you have multiple and don't want to add multiple links to the site you can:

                       * Make a character on TH with these aesthetic images (Try to credit)

                       * Pin them to their own pintrest board

                       * Make a folder in on deviantart

                      * Find a better way and tell me about it LOL

Word Key:

Read if you want to specify species or gender.

Human: What we are hopefully

Human-like: Vampires, Demons, Witches, Mermaids, Angels etc.

Humanoid: Furry/Anthro or Human or Human-like

Feral: Animal that walks on four legs. Please have an alternative since this is a humanoid preference thread ;;

Anthro / Furry: Specifically referring to anthropomorphic / humanoid animals.

Banned words: Racist terminology, homophobic or transphobic terminology including "Femboy", "Lolita", or "Shouta" (when referring to the character, Clothing is fine). 


  • You have two weeks to complete, one month with a good reason. 
  • DO NOT delete or remove claims. If you post, you're locking in your claim. Backing out will land you on the banned list.
  • {NEW} Solid colour outfits, minimalist designs and simple accessories are NOT acceptable. Use every part of the aesthetic that you can, including the contents of the images. Make the character as detailed in design as you can.
  • You may specify Gender and species preference but try to keep things open. This is about designing by aesthetic ;; 
  • You may trade or gift your character however please do not sell without permission.
  • {NEW} Do not use moodboards of characters or existing designs as it may result in character ripoffs. If you post a moodboard with an image containing an existing character, please do not emulate or rip off the character.
  • DO NOT POST SENSITIVE IMAGES OR TOPICS. If you do link to them, please have a trigger warning and an alternative. If it can't be in a kids show, it needs a warning. These are including but not exclusive to: Alcohol, blood, gore, medical items, death, distressing images. All images must be G rated-- at most PG. Everyone will be given one warning.
  • Please wait two claims before you claim again! 
  • Please do not take longer than 30 minutes to post your aesthetic image! Please do not post text-- images only.
  • Humanoids are preference on this thread (Based on participants) If you would like a feral character, please be open to kemonomimis or alternatives <3
  • Please edit your post with your finished work -- This is REALLY important as it helps me moderate quality and see that you've finished. Do not claim another before doing so. (This may become a bannable offense if it happens often ;;;;;)
  • The design must be a fullbody image. PUT EFFORT PLEASE, trad should be scanned, no solid colour outfits and no low-qual doodles. DO NOT COPY OTHER PEOPLE'S OCs OR CSs OR TRACE
  • On the flip side Don't be rude about people's skills or art style or what you receive. I won't tolerate it.

Banned Users:

If they post, please claim the person they claimed instead. If you would like to be removed, please fix your claim. 

AuroraCelest / N3M3S1S and ALL Side accounts including their recent one for not completing multiple claims including 15+ total in other threads.

Poyonoes for not delivering a fullbody (Pg. 37)

CHINCHINLOVER for not completing a claim

Madrelle for not completing a claim 

@tak0yama for not completing a claim

W-o-n-d-e-r-l-u-s-t for not completing a claim.

EmeraldFalcon for submitting a coloured base with no outfit and not willing to complete it. (Pg. 46)


I guess i'll start? i'd like a male character inspired by vaporwave!

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PaperTsubaki I definitely do! Thisthis and this should work? Tell me if you need more tho

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Done! Hope you like her! she and the boy you made me totally need to be friends

I'd like someone based off of this board. (hint hint a gemsona wink wink)

tea-rose-witch o: she's super cute! tysm! <3





Maybe something based off of this?



Ok I give in, I like the idea of this thread so I'll claim!

Done! X X Will also PM!

I'd like a humanoid based on this aesthetic! Or one based on this one! The choice is for whoever claims me <3


ill claim >;3c could i get one of either this or that  ? thanks! there u go! 


Oh my god I have a plan for the second aesthetic ;-; I love it!!

I'll claim and finish them both soon~!


I'd either love a character using long haired girl using this aesthetic

or a pastel pixel aesthetic (Bonus points if there's some animal crossing reference?)


No dark colours please ❤❤❤



Custom Aesthetic Design by Tsukiyou



i'll claim ! 

i want a humanoid robot who's a giant asshole based off of this or this

done and sent ~

oMG yes yes she's so gorgeous .. gotta think of a cool name for her