Draw couple art for the person above!

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If there's a thread like this already, you can let me know ;;v;;

I really wanted a thread for this because I have a lot of couples that I want art of together!


  1. Please have clear references for both of your characters. (Yes, OC x Canon is allowed. Just understand that some people are not willing to draw that. If you have a couple with another user's character, you can do that with permission.) (Also, I can't believe I have to say this, but you have to have two characters)
  2. Make sure you claim for the person above, so you don't get ninja'd.
  3. You must complete your pervious claim before making a new one.
  4. You have one month to complete your claim. I will note you as a reminder one week befor the deadline. If you fail to complete it after that, you will be banned.
  5. Wait until three users go before you claim again.
  6. Don't edit your post more than twenty minutes after you post it. It confuses claimers.
  7. PUT EFFORT INTO YOUR DRAWINGS. You don't have to be good at art, but don't just throw something together in five minutes. In other words, it can't be uncolored or anything along those lines.
  8. Remember to thank the artist who drew for you!


So, let's start with Ryo and Mira! (Ryo is shorter than Mira, just a note)






Claim! How about Marie and Zachary? (Your choice on whether or not it's unrequited, requited or platonic!)


And done!




 //stares at my ever growing to do list

H-how...how can I pass this up tho :''') CLAIM //WHEEZES

Done! Will PM it too~!

I'd love one of my grumpy Mercury and their lovely wife Meimu~ (Note: mercury also has a silver wedding ring like meimu, it's just not shown on their ref lmao)



claim! i'll try my best ;w;

EDIT: done! i did indeed try my best wh e e z e;w;

i'd really like one of Emerald and Charred here



Something for Aatos and Faun would be groovy!

Yeah notifs are super iffy on edited posts but gosh darn that looks amazing and I love it thank you so much!


Claim! Might take a while because exams though.


Something of Nimue with Ayo and/or Amare? (Pictures and info on the latter two is available under relationships. :) There's also an unfinished drawing of the three of them here + a sims screenshot. Their clothing doesn't matter much, anything contemporary will do. Amare is by far taller than the other two though)

Note: If pictured with Ayo, then the interactions would be more platonic. Hugging, cuddling, general non-sexual shows of affection. With Amare it's the same but with the addition of possible romantic stuff. :D

Note 2: If the next poster is more into animals then they can just draw a glowy-eyed bat-eared fox interacting with a glowy-eyed coyote. : P # shapeshifterstuff

Note 3: If the next poster is into animals and challenges then they can draw a glowy-eyed bat-eared fox and a glowy-eyed coyote interacting with Amare.

Honestly anything goes, even a doodle, with any combination of these three characters. :D


@Blossomfall Thanks! XD You say "well-developed" I say she's a slightly cluttered wall of text.

(Also, yeah, I WILL work on my submission, haven't forgotten it, physics exam tomorrow and assessments on friday)



Hey! Not sure if pinging works in edited posts (personally I haven't gotten a few notifications) but here's Aatos and Faun...falling asleep during a movie night because why not. There's some anatomy mistakes but I hope it's alright.










Claim!  I haven't drawn too many characters like Amare before but I'll do my best...
EDIT: Cliodna
I hope this is okay? you have some very nice characters (nimue is so well-developed!)

For the person below me, feel free to pick from any one of these:
ROMANTIC:  Kei + Kura || 
PLATONIC: Damien + Kiara (Siblings, made public temporarily - let me know if it's not working!) || Katsu + Kasumi (Dragon Siblings) || Aestor + Cylia (Elf Royalty Siblings) || Fell + Fenrir (Kemonomimi Friends) || 

no worries, that's fine, i love them!  Quick question, but would you be opposed to me colouring it for fun?  sometimes i find it relaxing which is why i thought i'd ask!  :)


Claim! I need practise drawing males and couples, so I'll try my best ^^ I have a few things to do first so it might take a little while though

Blossomfall Here you go! I hope you don't mind it's not coloured c:

I'd love if you draw any of these:

Mary + Aria
Spinel + Phantom Quartz
Estella + Katsumi
Alex + Angelina