Unfilled Claims? Post Here! Volunteers Needed!

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago (Edited 10 months, 26 days ago) by you-are-butt

Hello, everyone! Due to recent events, I thought that making something like this would be really helpful!
Anyway, since we have so many draw and design games (link to the masterpost!) floating around the General and Character Discussion forums, and a lot of the 'claims' put in in said games are sadly never filled, we need a way to ensure that no one gets ripped off.

Update as of September 23rd 2017! Thanks to the lovely Prismakry , we now have a spreadsheet! That means you can add / remove your own claims without having to wait for me to post it here! You can also edit the sheet when you'd like to fill someone else's claim! Though I still advise you to either ping the person you're claiming her, or PM them!

For Game Participants:
If you've been claimed in any of these games, but never received what you requested, please edit the above spreadsheet with a link to your original post. A volunteer will then (hopefully) come along and fill your claim for you! Once you've received the art, pleased edit the spreadsheet to remove your claim.

For Game Owners: 
Feeling overwhelmed with unfilled claims that you promised to fill yourself if the original poster falls through? Post a link to your game (preferably to the specific page(s) with the unfilled claims listed). Volunteers will help you so you don't have to do them all yourself!

For Volunteers:
First of all, thank you for being so kind as to help fill these claims! To get started, please ping or PM the person you're offering to fill for to let them know that you'd like to complete the art for them. Please check the game the original poster posted in to ensure that you're following the game rules correctly, and to see if there's any specific character / prompt they'd like drawn. Please finish the art in a timely manner! No more than a week tops! These people have already waited long enough for their art! Once it's finished, post it here, ping and /or PM the user the art. Please don't take on more than one claim at a time! You're welcome to do a second once you complete your first.

Waiting List:
Moved to the spreadsheet! Please check there!

Already Claimed:
Moved to the spreadsheet! Please check there!


Sorry for unwanted pings, but I thought this could be helpful! Pinging everyone who showed interest and / or runs an art game!
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Oooh hey, I was thinking this thread would be a good idea! Really neat of people to do this! ;A;
I feel a lil bad just kinda posting here omg, I might be able to help out with a few also at some point?

But, guess i'll help start off the thread? I know I have a few claims of mine that weren't filled, RIP ;;

Draw for the person above you: Page 65 (I was last post on 64), Page 69
Create a character for the person above you: Page 15


i can pinch hit! :3

got two claims: create a char and draw an icon


This is such a lovely idea~! I'll be sure to check my pages~

I still have to finish up some of my claims I have but I'll be sure to help out when I can <3


I can't fill out any claims at the moment, but I had one on this page that never got filled for me! ;;v;;

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 thank for the ping uwu

i'd be willing to help out :o i'm a dog/anthro artist so i'll poke around at unfilled claims for something i can do!

i don't have any unfilled claims as i rarely participate it making character games anymore lol

if anybody has anything they want me to fill, message me :)


Good to see this going around! I'll keep an eye out for claims I might be able to help fill when I'm off work.

you-are-butt I think there's a typo in your post? "Please only try to take on more than one claim at a time" should be "please don't", right? 


Oh wow that was a lot of posts, haha. I've added everyone who posted claims to the waiting list! And thank you in advance to everyone who has offered to be a volunteer so far! 


//just woke up :'D

I got a claim here! I know I say any species but I would like whoever claims that one to make a yellow spotted salamander kemonomimi  :') (lotta time passed so I had time to think ehe). I also have one here, but it's from your game Butt idk if you contacted that person yet. And I have bad luck in the outfit game here and here.

I'm gonna tackle my to do list and then I'll come back here to do some claims;)


@drdktr omg you're right. i'll fix that right now, thanks for pointing it out! im too tired lol.


chiliechii I actually just sent out a TON of warnings to people from all of my games right before making this. Everyone has been given a week before being banned. So I'll add your second one if a week passes and you haven't received anything yet! But the other three are up.

also oh gosh i need to edit this whole thing when i'm less sleepy, but i just wanted it to be up lol


Aaaa this is awesome! Thank you for doing this!

For those that see this from my thread - please PM me about any unfilled claims and I'll get something out to you asap! I have plenty of time to actually draw something for you, I just get anxious about doing it unless asked ;_; 

I'll try and pop in here more often to see if someone posts in here instead! As my thread is very much about being silly and having fun, I do want to make sure everybody gets something to smile at~! 



Nice! I'll go back through the posts in a while and pick up a couple myself, but for now I'll drop mine in, and also this great gif for a great thread.


I am 80% positive the second person doesn't draw and they hit that thread multiple times for free art, but I didn't mark down the other posts they made.

This one was drawn for the bumper instead of me, who claimed the person and didn't draw for her anyway! Classic. 
I was hoping there would be a counter-fill for it, honestly.

Glitterbark has noted me that they're filling my stuff! I'll mark in once I got them :9

Ah dang, editing in to please stick to this tag when you're drawing for me!
(all it does is clear out one character I just don't want anyone to draw, one who's up in the revamp thread and is only visible because of that, and one whose ref I'm not happy with but is visible because he's waiting to be confirmed by his creator and will probably be added to the tag when I draw some better clothes for him, and then my two trade/sell hubs)

Also this is kind of a greedy question and I know it, but I got back art once that poorly represented my OC... could I possibly request a redo? I understand differences in skill levels but what I got back once wasn't even the same species...