Draw for the person above hq edition updated

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SO people may or may not like this one.. and if it seems kindof mean then just ignore this... just thought it would be an interesting one. 

But like most draw for the user above this edition is for people who are confident in their work and wish to have someone who is also confident in drawing in return. For work that is clean and not sketchy, You do not need to be the best artist just confident in your skills and willing to do the work to complete a peice of work. Headshots, chibis, full bodies all welcome as long as they are fully colored and shaded and clean work. There are plenty of other drawing boards if you not looking to clean it up including the sketch editions and can't draw editions. 

Also be greatful of whatever you get, Some people might have a style you do not care for but that doesn't mean it isn't good art, and when someone takes time to work on something the least you can do is give them a thank you. ALWAYS thank the artist. 

What is HQ 

1. NO SKETCHES or FLAT COLORS this is for fully finished works of art not quick sketches or lazy work, a softer painted style is fine so long as it makes sense and is something you feel confident in sending.  Pixels are fine as well so long as they are Medium quality or higher. 

2. Background is nice but not necessary

3.  No lined paper, poor quality picture taking, please scan in your pictures, take a quality photo of them or the like no tilted.

4. Traditional or digital,  is fine as long as you put in the effort should be something you feel good about turning in.

5. Must have basic knowledge of anatomy, art that appears to have been made in little to no time will no be accepted. It is for people comfortable with their skill. Anyone found to be turning in art that is not med quality or better will get a warning, if they continue they will be blacklisted.

6. Please try to make sure your product is finished. No color bleeds, bad anatomy, ect.     

Normal Rules 


1. DO not claim unless you plan to draw for the person, and please try to finish your work it should be completed in a months time. If you can't then hold off on posting until you do have time for it. And do not post again until you have finished your previous work. 

2.  Please pm and post the art you do for another person it will be checked up on. If a person is found to not post art more then twice they will be banned from playing the game and added to the banned list. Everyone is getting something from this so please do your best work and turn it in a timely manner. 

3. While one character is acceptable having more is preferred as some people may have a hard time drawing with only character to choose from. 

4. Please be polite to others in the thread, and make sure at least 2 other people post before posting again. (this may change if we start having more people join in)

5.  No art bashing this one should be obvious. 

6. No using site creators for this. Meaning dream selfies or the like sorry guys original only. Any game that allows you to create a character is not welcome here even if they allow it. Bases that have been purchased for use are acceptable so long as the rules don't go against it you still draw and turn it into their character ect. 

7. Please have a drawn ref of the character your looking to have drawn not just an avatar as those can be hard to work with. 

8. DO NOT TRACE, OR STEAL ART THIS RESULTS IN A PERMANENT BANNING!!! AND I WILL INFORM OTHERS, come on guys stealing art is horrible not to mention disrespectful to the artists who pour their heart into creating. To steal art is like spitting in the face  of the artist and will not be tolerated.

9. DO not put rules on art you draw for other people, if it is their character they should have a right to use it within reason as long as you are getting credit for the art. If they choose to regift or resell it they should be allowed to do so. This is especially true if they have more then one piece of art. Nothing grinds my gears more then doing a freebie or having one done for me and then being told it comes along with a boatload of rules making it almost impossible for you to be able to do anything with your character after someone else drew for it.  As these characters are already created you should not try to add rules to it because you drew for it. 

10. If you do not post within a months time you will be sent a reminder. If the art is still not produced within 2 more weeks you will be banned from the not producing art. The only acception to this is if you pm the person you are suppose to draw for and let them know when it will be finished. Sorry guys people work hard and when you get art from someone and the person above doesn't get from you it is simply not fair and make the game less fun for everyone. (I will be keeping better track)

11. Now that there's the ability to delete your own posts, I'd like make it very clear that if you do so to avoid filling your claim, you will be instantly banned. I repeat, do not delete your posts from this game.

12. Since you can no longer see posts of blocked users, from here on out, I ask that everyone pings the person they're claiming in their post to ensure that no one is skipped.


I will draw for the person below


BANNED LIST DO NO DO WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE (if you filled you claim and shouldn't be here please note me with proof and update your post)















(Just asking, where do you put the line between "HQ" and "not HQ" art? Also, why humanoids only? I'd love to draw more painted headshots of animal/anthro characters, if this is considered good enough for this thread >_>

I'm not claiming anything, just asking things.)


(not claiming)

also wondering about the humanoid only rule! theres already a human draw above thread (arent you the OP?). I see no reason to disallow nonhumanoid characters, if someone doesnt want to draw them they can simply wait to claim.


Seiden max I copied the rules XD I will take that part out got them from the dtca humanoid editon Xp

Also it is more so making sure it is clean finished work.  work you feel confident in turning in not something scribbled in little to no time. 



I would love HQ art of Luciano the most.  Dave, Diego, and Fabio are other options.



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Aa I'll be claiming MathewMii 's OCs. I finished it and PM'd it to them.

You're welcome to draw anyone but Libel from this folder right here. I'm not picky at all! :





claim lol PastelRemarks 



please draw from here https://toyhou.se/nothingwitty/characters/folder:55931/order:images?page=1 - alexa has the best refs currently 


nothingwitty Claim :D  


Anyone from here :D


Claim! (First time doing anything like this so please be patient with me!)

EDIT: Done! I hope you like it!~




Anyone from my 'need art pls' tag would be wonderful! <3


(are hq pixels okay? they are something that i take a lot of time on, and would be animated)