Draw for the person above: xtreme low effort

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Housekeeping note: I've changed the deadline to two weeks, and reminder messages have been sent out for unfilled claims within the past month. If you're missing art, please feel free to PM me with a link to the claim. Thanks! 

March 8th: Please read this reminder about the quality of artwork that is expected here. 

Have you ever wanted to participate in the art games but also not really wanted to try? This is a thread for fun, extremely low effort art. Scribble something out in one half of a second, draw on the back of a napkin while your manager isn't looking, use Cheerios to form the shape of an OCs face. Whatever you want -- just have a good time and don't put any work into it.

Please try your worst. 


  • Comment to claim the person above you.

  • Edit your post to include your art once you're finished.

  • Wait at least four people before claiming another spot. (Like this: 1[x][x][x][x]2)

  • Finish your previous claim before making a new one.

  • The deadline for filling claims is two weeks. If life is getting in the way and you're having trouble filling your claim quickly, don't stress about it -- just draw something awful and upload anyway.

  • Please thank the person who made art for you!

  • All art is good art! If you got carried away and spent three hours on your doodle, that's okay. If you spent thirty seconds on a wonky stick figure with a cool hat, that's also okay.

 I just wanted to say I love everyone in this thread, you're all making such good stuff, 10/10.


Claim! Edit: Done!


Anyone is fine! :3



anyone is this folder https://toyhou.se/Star-overload/characters/folder:761042 would be awesome!!

edit: done https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/539509732709236757/613468531413221402/1566332655893.png


(not a claim) Noonatic 

why did you claim again and not finish your first claim if this was for the first claim why did you edit the new claim to add it to it dont tell me you are trying to get away with claiming twice but drawing once 




Claiming Star-overload

Pick one from here

EDIT: Done! Did a limited color pallet thing

Y2 Luluoodles


I'd like something of Y2 or anyone from this folder! If you're drawing Y2, feel free to have him emote or draw him with any color you want.

Edit: Finished! I drew Baxxter holding a cupcake. https://sta.sh/029d2m4i8bnm

Edit2: Ilikepony Thank you so much! I love it!


Claim! Done!


These are prefered but if you can't draw any of them, anyone is fine! ♥

Miko | Naora | Utako | Yayame


(Not a claim) 

Whoops! Sorry about that, my bad! I'll finish up the first one SoraChiiy ^^

Kai(meya) (mainverse/super) kaimeya

claim (for ilikepony)! will have it finished when i wake up again i need to nap OTL

csnt link well since im on mobile but anyone from my "DBZ" folder is A~OK! kai is preferred though (feel free to use any of her designs, i just like her super one)

Seanpreasy Hafernett Barbilou


Sean would be great, but anyone else in the Humans folder is also good

edit: Done! https://toyhou.se/~images/16131444


Claim! What a precious bean aa

I would love something of one of these, please! ^^

Clovis / Klaus / Nyco / Vir'litheniim / Chris / Encina / Jetta / Ruby / Callum / Baron / Daniel

Lulu Luluoodles


I would love art of this character, but anyone else here is fine as well!

Gingko muwi

claim! currently hoarding gingko art but zal exists too i guess