Draw for the person above: xtreme low effort

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Housekeeping note:

I don't think this is super shocking but I've been dealing with some medical issues and haven't been able to moderate this thread properly for a while. I'm not shutting it down because people are still using it but I'm no longer actively monitoring it. Absolutely feel free to message me if there's an issue but please be aware that I just don't log into Toyhouse anymore so it will take a while for me to get to things. Apologies and thank you for participating here! 

Please read this reminder about the quality of artwork that is expected here. 

Have you ever wanted to participate in the art games but also not really wanted to try? This is a thread for fun, extremely low effort art. Scribble something out in one half of a second, draw on the back of a napkin while your manager isn't looking, use Cheerios to form the shape of an OCs face. Whatever you want -- just have a good time and don't put any work into it.

Please try your worst. 


  • Comment to claim the person above you.

  • Edit your post to include your art once you're finished.

  • Wait at least four people before claiming another spot. (Like this: 1[x][x][x][x]2)

  • Finish your previous claim before making a new one.

  • The deadline for filling claims is two weeks. If life is getting in the way and you're having trouble filling your claim quickly, don't stress about it -- just draw something awful and upload anyway.

  • Please thank the person who made art for you!

  • All art is good art! If you got carried away and spent three hours on your doodle, that's okay. If you spent thirty seconds on a wonky stick figure with a cool hat, that's also okay.

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Kawaiimomocorgi (unfilled claim)
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 I just wanted to say I love everyone in this thread, you're all making such good stuff, 10/10.

 Hivemind Terezi_Pyrope

Claim! ShAcKmO

IC or anyone in the folder he's from is fine ^^



Claim Higgsberry

Any of my characters EXCEPT FLAGA/ADOPTS




Claim sandtriangle

Anyone in here: https://toyhou.se/Bakerinator/characters/tags:1/tagged:drawme or here: https://toyhou.se/Bakerinator/characters/tags:1/tagged:artfightextra



Claim! Bakerinator

Anyone from here (including subfolders), please.

Edit: Finished! I drew Isabelle (Werewolf Story).



Claim !

He’s preferred but Him or anyone Here is totally cool!



Aubry is preferred! But also Honeyblossom for feral artists, or Clarkson for furry artists?