Draw the Specific Character Above You!

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago (Edited 11 months, 23 days ago) by RootlessJewel

Have you ever wanted to do a drawing thread, but there was a rule that you cant ask for just one character, and you only want art of a specific character? or does it take you forever to pick? Then this may just be the place for you :) comment in character as the character you want art as, and then draw the character above you :)


rules : dont draw nsfw or gore unless the person above you said thats okay with them (only if you are above age in your country)

dont steal, copy, trace, or skip

Try to be done in a month

please try and be timely

try your best


first poster gets something free as there is no one above you

 Souta uraumi

oof I'd like art of souta

Valentina Gh0stParade

Claim! I'd like some art of my new bab Valentina~

Peter kittyee

Claim I'd like art of Peter please :)

Edit: done! https://toyhou.se/~images/6000716

Vent (Vincent) Kloshbet

Claim!   Done


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(bump, skip me)

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Reika spacecadet

claim! <3 https://sta.sh/0hqkxwkshkh

I'd love something of Reika please!

Riona sabisuki

claim!    spacecadet



I'd love some art of Riona!

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$40 Milkshake-Cherry

Claim! Can I get something of my baby Ren?

Thomas Snowden kittyee


Edit: finished! Hope it's ok! https://toyhou.se/~images/6124094

$20 / tent trade B0NES