Draw an OC who needs more love for the user above!

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago (Edited 7 months, 7 days ago) by circlejourney

Maybe you created this OC five days ago, and their gallery is still empty. Maybe no one ever seems to pick them in art games. Maybe you keep saying you'll draw them, but you just never get around to it...

If any of your characters are suffering from a lack of attention and are in dire need of more art, hop on board!

What to do

  1. Make a claim! In your claim, list your characters whom you think need more/better art, with links to their profiles, or a link to a tag containing them.
  2. Pick a character from the above user's list and draw 'em! Do try to put effort into the drawing, with at least clean lines, shading or colours—this game is about helping the owners' less noticed characters get better art, after all!
  3. Update your claim with a link/embed of the picture, or PM the image to the user and update your comment to indicate that you've done so!


  • Only join this if you have at least one character who meets these requirements!
    • As a guideline, they have around 5 or fewer images. It's fairly flexible—any character whose gallery is kinda unsatisfactory to you will do. But I'm gonna draw a hard limit at 10 images.
    • They have some reference images: one coloured half body drawing at least would be ideal. This is also flexible, but remember that the drawing you receive will be limited by the references you provide.
  • Only enter if you are willing to meet a (fairly lenient) minimum quality level: colours or shading should be present at least.
  • You can enter this as many times as you like, but only once on every page, or once every 3 days, whichever comes first. Some of your OCs may no longer be eligible after a few rounds here, remember to update your list if you enter again!
  • If the person below you hasn't completed their claim after one month, PM me. I will only entertain PMs from now onward—individually hunting down slackers is a bit of a strain on mental resources, haha.

Do not respond to these people as they have repeatedly broken rules or failed to complete claims: smoldragon

I'll start: my OCs who lack art are in this tag!

Just to make things fair, I'll draw for the first person who claims a spot on this thread as well.

Update: FellowPigeon

here's Lorna! What a badass......



circlejourney Ahh I love it so much! Thank you!! Here's my finished drawing for you -


Anyone from this tag would be lovely


Claim!! That is such a lovely idea~


Draw anyone on this tag please!!



I would love art of anyone in this tag




Any of my charas except Ai, Maya and Act bc they have some art already! I have fullbody refs I can send to the person below if needed


I'll claim, why not :) 

Edit: Done

I haven't updated this tag in awhile but anyone with only a couple bits of art is good to draw.



EDIT: And done!

How about one of these two in this folder


Claim! Done!


Anyone from this tag would be lovely


Claim! All done!

I would love if I could get art of art of Jacques or Zeke! Edit: I'm also gonna toss up Cliq too. She's technically over-qualified to get art here, but I have basically no solo art of her. I know that anthros like Zeke and Jacques aren't always the easiest to draw, and I'd hate to clog the flow of the thread. ;w;

I decided to draw Odd because I can't resist a good tiefling! After glancing over her profile, I decided to draw her working with a mortar and pestle to make some potions. I hope you like it!


claim!!! any of my characters that have like,,, a bit of info would be nice,, im looking for bust shots of seth, dennis, and vuokko who are all ignored a lot (which im mostly guilty of ;o; )



I'd really love something of my girl Secie however i've also been neglecting Ylva (please draw her human form!), Sophia (her partner has 6 pieces of art while she's only at 4 RIP), and Xenith ( a dream design I haven't uploaded any art of jsfslk please draw her mask as it's styled in her first pic//not the fullbody!). I'd really appreciate art of any of them, thank you!


9vuMEpn.jpgHere you go!

Thank you!


Claim! lemmings


I have a lot of babies that need love, they're kinda all over the place lol. 

If you want specific characters to choice from PM me and I can make a list. 


Claim! Mind if I do fossa?

https://sta.sh/013o46r3r1sv here he is.... B) 

My ocs that i'd like art for and really need more love are in my secondary->2a folder

I’d love to see something of wisp, but you can pick anyone there! o:



Edit: 829fcda8_97fd_4cac_ba50_08df489ab3d1_by_ (sorry for taking so long to finish this, school and the haul of assignments got a lot in my way. Hopefully, you like this though! I really love the character, roses and cats are truly my weaknesses!

I have some characters that need art in my mains and a lot more in my secondary folders. You can also find some in unsorted, but that’s really up to you




If someone could draw one of these below!

https://toyhou.se/2032080.arisia-ajanese-sunset (girl)

https://toyhou.se/2035191.kat-darnelian-dancer (girl)

https://toyhou.se/1950220.kaasta-o-lothnass (boy)