Draw an OC who needs more love for the user above!

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Maybe you created this OC five days ago, and their gallery is still empty. Maybe no one ever seems to pick them in art games. Maybe you keep saying you'll draw them, but you just never get around to it...

If any of your characters are suffering from a lack of attention and are in dire need of more art, hop on board!

What to do

  1. Make a claim! In your claim, list your characters whom you think need more/better art, with links to their profiles, or a link to a tag containing them.
  2. Pick a character from the above user's list and draw 'em! Do try to put effort into the drawing, with at least clean lines, shading or colours—this game is about helping the owners' less noticed characters get better art, after all!
  3. Update your claim with a link/embed of the picture, or PM the image to the user and update your comment to indicate that you've done so!


  • Only join this if you have at least one character who meets these requirements!
    • As a guideline, they have around 5 or fewer images. It's fairly flexible—any character whose gallery is kinda unsatisfactory to you will do. But I'm gonna draw a hard limit at 10 images.
    • They have some reference images: one coloured half body drawing at least would be ideal. This is also flexible, but remember that the drawing you receive will be limited by the references you provide.
  • Only enter if you are willing to meet a (fairly lenient) minimum quality level: colours or shading should be present at least.
  • You can enter this as many times as you like, but only once on every page, or once every 3 days, whichever comes first. Some of your OCs may no longer be eligible after a few rounds here, remember to update your list if you enter again!
  • If the person below you hasn't completed their claim after one month, PM me. I will only entertain PMs from now onward—individually hunting down slackers is a bit of a strain on mental resources, haha.

Do not respond to these people as they have repeatedly broken rules or failed to complete claims: smoldragon

I'll start: my OCs who lack art are in this tag!

Just to make things fair, I'll draw for the first person who claims a spot on this thread as well.

Update: FellowPigeon

here's Lorna! What a badass......



Claiming SiannieG36

All of my characters have under 5 photos;;; i believe Mon has the least atm tho.




Aaa claim!

Anyone here or here is good!

EDIT: Done!



Claim! Give me a couple days I have school ;w:



Anyone under the limit is fine but Nydra(The night gown is a placeholder outfit feel free to play around with what she wears) and Radio are most preferred!




and Simon ily thank u



Blossom's gallery has the least images in it, but currently all of my characters have 5 images or fewer if she wouldn't be ideal!

Edit: Done! I put her in a big night shirt and nice pair of pajama pants :)



Claim. Completed.



Humans: Lily (serious) | Natsuki (has to be drawn smiling) | Kiyo (motherly) | Cælinus (apathetic)
Ferals: Kitsune (stern) | Wingale (playful)



edit: finished!


anyone here is fine




My preferred - Emit / Cheri / Sasha / Seaweed / James



Here Is your OC! Hope you like it! 

I would love someone of my seven soulsFolder! 


Claim! I typically don't draw people but I'll give it a go because all your characters are awesome! I'd love you to draw either Backup, Diglett or Aulani from this folder please! https://toyhou.se/Cosibug/characters/folder:434116

Finished! https://i.imgur.com/K15ZPPJ.png Sorry it's not great rip


Claim Cosibug!

I'd love to see either Senka, Mira or Shira get some more love! ^w^ Out of all the main characters from my story their the ones that i've give the least attention. ( https://toyhou.se/788055.mira-river-of-the-south-west /https://toyhou.se/1288752.senka-silver- / https://toyhou.se/762447.shira-crescent- )

EDIT: Done and sent: diglett_by_kindlekitsune_dd2c562-pre.png


Claim! (I've been meaning to draw Mira for a while!)

Anyone from here or here with 5 or less, please!

EDIT: Done and sent!



Aaa Amice is so beautiful x3


Claim :3 

Anyone with the needs art tag is fine but humans are prefered :3 


done! i drew aelya!
i hope you like it!



humanoid: delbine, hibiki, momoiro

animals: bean, hesperos