Draw a Persona Based on the Person Above's Profile

Posted 11 months, 21 days ago (Edited 6 months, 30 days ago) by SleepingThunder

EDIT 10/26/18: You can still play if you technically don't have a "profile." The character can be based off your entire account! Your characters, writing; just the overall person you seem to be!

Simple game! Sort of like the 'Creat a Character' threads but with personas. After you've claimed, you'll go to the person's profile and make a persona for them based on their profile information. If they don't have a lot written down about themselves or their profile seems blank, you can base it off their characters. A lot of times one's characters can say a lot about them.

Please use this form!

Type: Humanoid, Anthro or Feral

Optional: Male, Female, etc


  • Put a little effort into the drawing, don't just make it a rough sketch. Must be a colored fullbody at least. You also don't have to be the greatest artist, just try your best! 
  • Can be traditional media or digital but please make sure traditional is on unlined paper and is scanned or you take a very nice, clear picture.
  • CANNOT take more than one month to do your claim. Make sure you can do your claim when you claim, or else why are you playing the game? Please don't be a jerk just to get free art. If you do not complete it after one month, you'll recieve one warning, giving one extra week but if you don't finish within that time, you'll be banned. (Unless I see that you filled your claim and you show me, then you can be unbanned. You won't get another chance after I give you that one.).
  • Please only claim a spot after every two posts. Only exception is if it's been more than 48 hours. 
  • If you have any problems with someone not doing their claim or issues with another user, please PM me!
  • There will be a simple form to fill below.
  • Important. You are giving a gift out which means the character will no longer be yours. It is not your business what is done with the character after that so please no one bother anyone if they end up being regifted or traded.

List of Banned Users:

Yeehaw Not filling claims.
AuroraCelest Multiples accounts to get free art.
Agobiio Not filling a claim and ignoring warning.
Quille  Not filling a claim and ignoring warning.
FireFae Not filling a claim and ignoring warning.

This user's account has been closed.

claim! <3

anthro or humanoid, please. female, or at least feminine


claim! id like a humanoid & female please!

edit! done, sorry it took me so long!

Unnamed receptions


humanoid masc male, please. go crazy with the rest, i'll love anything u make. i know my stuff is kinda simple lol.

(security blanket) design prefs/things I can't use (you can ignore this but there are designs i cant use at the bottom just in case ur the type of person that likes seeing people use ur designs. it's short and i dont think my profile shows these at all anyway but it's there just in case. ignore my likes lol. go off ur vibesssss)


claim h 

any gender, i love demons n clowny lookin tings (optional obv) go crazy go stupid 

preferably humanoid but you can incorporate animal features into the design if you wanna




claim! any gender is great, humanoid is preferred!

uwu ThatOneWow

claim!  Sending I would like a humanoid girl please!


Claim ThatOneWow

Go nuts , do whatever you think works.