Sketch the Couple Above

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I've never done a thread like this before so please bare with me.

Basically, I wanted to see more couple threads out there and it could start by myself making one. The couple doesn't HAVE to be romantic, it just has to be two characters. I thought sketches would be simple and easy for everyone!

Some rules;

- please only post couples in the same age range if they are romantic. Underaged x 18+ is NOT allowed.

- oc x cannon is fine but you MUST include at least one oc couple as an option since some people aren't comfortable with it.

- please finish your art in a week or less, it's a sketch so it shouldn't take too long. If you might take longer, write that in your claim.

- If you get carried away and do more than a sketch, that's fine, but you're not required to do more than a sketch.

- you must finish your claim before claiming again. Wait at least 3 people before claiming again. (If it's been over 24 hours, this rule does not apply)

- Please provide at least 2+ couples to be drawn. It's fine if you have a preference, but the more options, the better.

- No nsfw or gore unless the person is explicitly okay with it. (Do not edit this art in your post, pm instead and edit your claim that you pmed it)

The first person doesn't need to draw anything for me, just post your couple(s) and wait to be claimed!


claim! (also stealing the idea of putting their heights kflskfg)

(edit: i make take just a few days longer! i got kinda busy all of a sudden aaa)

for me i have:

sparky and striker (i haven't drawn striker so i linked his twin instead, he's literally identical to him, striker is just... grumpier looking lmao. sparky is around 5'3 and striker is 5'5)

anthony, roger, twitch, and jackie! you can pretty much just mix and match these or just draw all four of them if you're feeling generous lmao. anthony is 5'5, roger is 6', twitch is 5'9, and jackie is 5'7)

sven and nic (sven is like 5'9, nic is around 5'6-7


Here is your couple ! Hope you like it! 


Jonathan x Jay (best friends) 

Antonia x Jay (best friends) 

Antonia x Jonathan (best friends) 

Anthony x Jay (enemis) 

Alexander x Jared (friends) 

Antonia x Jared (rival) 

Lynn x Jay (friends/colleague) 



Damien - Prince (Best friends from childhood)

Sora - Cyrien (Friends? Sora is a teen, Cyrien is an adult)

Enoka - Ronan (Friends/unofficial family. Enoka babies and teases Ronan, Ronan is silent/grumpy)

Eve x Rui (Romantic)

Tobio x Oliver (Romantic)

Liu Wei x Faith (Romantic)