Create a random character for the user above you!

Posted 1 year, 4 days ago (Edited 8 months, 29 days ago) by idiot

Hiya, it's me, Mr.Worldwide.

Everyone is going to mistake me for a boy now good job Cas

I like the random character gift thread, because even though you mostly get crappy throwaway characters, you sometimes get things you're very happy with. I mean, like, i got Sonic FCs from there, that's good enough for me! 

With this in mind, i decided to create a thread with the same concept, except you create a character instead of giving one away.


As of 22/10/18:

Don't bump the thread unless it has been a month since someone posted. This clogs my notifications and fills it with stuff i don't want.

As of 21/10/18: You cannot say exactly what you want or what you don't want. This is supposed to be random. You are allowed to say if you only want NSFW/gore or what you prefer to get.

As of 17/10/18: You can only say no NSFW or gore! This is supposed to stay as true to the original as possible.

Finish within a month.

Inappropriate and Gory content should be commented on the user's wall or PMed to them. Marking these under spoilers isn't aloud unless there is only mild gore.

Don't claim until your last claim has been finished!

Only claim once every 2 posts!

I think that's it for now, whoever posts next either gets a free space or can claim me!

Banned users





ooof i do love me some ocs,,, lets gO

>i unfortunately dont have any idea rn


I'll Claim!

Go wild! I love Human(oid) characters and use them most though!


Hkh I'll claim! Hope you don't mind traditional art ;;

Here she is! I hope you like her :D


Claim! I quite like dnd monsters and robots but anything is awesome!



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Updated the rules!


Done! JumpScared

PMing you in a bit.

Anything is fine! Just no NSFW or gore, please.



I only really use humans and furries, but go wild! No nsfw or gore, please.


Claim! Finished! Hope you like it! <3 


I'm all good with nsfw or gore.


Claim Ressy  - DONE - Monster/Dragon/Demon


I love animals but I will use anything


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Please don't say exactly what you want, this is supposed to be random. You can say what you prefer but not exactly what you want.


(Skip me!)


Ah apologies! I forgot to write in about going wild. ^^" I'll fix up my post! 


delivered like a couple hours ago, but [[Emerald Hill]]

no nsfw/sexualized characters or gore, (also preferably nothing with muzzles/beaks, otherwise do your best)

What a nerd, thank you!


claim Pepperly !

toyhouse isnt letting me just insert the image? i can send a higher res if you want but here he is ! 

he's a fruit bat boy