Weekly Design Challenge W4(on hold)

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(Currently on hold. Things are busy! Will get back to this soon)

I’m going to be hosting a weekly design challenge! This is for fun so don’t feel threatened. You don’t have to join every week and I’ll be doing some of the challenges myself! 


.You do not have to participate every week! 

.please be kind to each other

.please follow the themes! If you don’t follow the themes there aren’t any penalties but it’s the point of the challenge. 

.you can post designs late just make sure you put the week number on your form when you post so I can keep track.

.any art medium/art skill level is welcome

.any species is welcome

.you can make as many designs as you want for the weekly theme but please try not to flood the thread.

.please post using the form

.the bonus challenge isn’t necessary to follow but just an extra added challenge

.convos are okay. You may talk to each other even when not posting designs. Compliments are very welcome! 

.you may sell/trade/give away any designs you make for this challenge and I will keep track of them under spoilers in the main post. One a design is claimed by somebody please let me know. If you are claiming/buying a design please contact the creator.

When you post your design please post using this sheet:

Design week #:

My design:


The status means you list whether or not the character is NFT/NFS, for Sale (price), for trade, or a freebie. Please be specific! I will add your design to a list under spoilers so everybody can see them. Contact me if your design has been bought/claimed or if you want your design taken down for any reason.

Past Challenges

Week #1: Nature/plants Primary color: purple Challenge: don’t use roses

Week #2: River/ocean life Primary color: pink/red challenge Challenge: No traditional mermaids

Week #3: Robot/cyborg/Android, primary color: blue, bonus challenge: use a different tool/brush/medium

For Sale/trade


Week # 4:

Theme- chocolate desserts/candy

Primary color- Any

Bonus challenge- use a different flavor other than just milk chocolate (mint choc., strawberry-filled, white choc.,)



Ohh! It came out so nice! Those textures on the lines look really neat. Cute design too! I love the hair 


Week # 4:

Theme- chocolate desserts/candy

Primary color- Any

Bonus challenge- use a different flavor other than just milk chocolate (mint choc., strawberry-filled, white choc.,)

Week 4 is here! Since valentines is coming we’re going to celebrate the real meaning of this holiday! Chocolate! I’m challenging you to designs. Character that’s based off of chocolate desserts and candy! But no plain milk chocolate, try adding a flavored filling or basing it off of a different type of chocolate! Good luck! 


Design week #: 3

My design: 


Status: NFS/NFT; I didn't have the time or supplies to do the challenge part, so I used the same colored pencils I usually do orz X'D

This is a redesign of a character I've had for a while! I haven't had the motivation to revamp and redesign him for a while, but now I thought, "why not?" and I'm pretty proud of this one actually! ^^



Don’t worry about that, the challenge is just there for a little extra...challenge :P 

Anyway! They look nice! I like the outfit and the markings by their eyes! 


Design week #: 4

My design:


Status: freebie

Chocolate covered cherry fox lady, one day late for valentines day.



Oh I love them! Very adorable design and super detailed!!


I love them! They’re so cute :D the dress design is so sweet too.


Uyi Oh my gosh, it's so adorable! I love the palette you chose!


Design week #: 4 - Chocolate

My design: Chocolate Roses12238861_hJdqBFgiF3KHzd6.png

Status: Up for sale/trade HERE


Uyi if your creature needs a home , Id love to adopt them , there so cute :D

Design week #: week 4 

My design: She is a Triple layer chocolate unicorn birthday cake - Base from DA12240760_dzL8zBvBa6mJWHv.jpg

Status: Keeping

Strawberry and cream chocolate SakuraBean

Design week #: 4

My design: Posted Ic

Status: UFT! <3 I think she's cute but I couldnt use her ;n;

She's loosly Pirate based? Idk why but she is. I really like strawberry chocolate (all chocolate really) and I thought it would make a cute design! 


@ everybody 

Hey guys I’m working on the next theme and stuff. I had to take over some responsibilities at work so I was super busy but I should be good to go soon. Consider catching up on past challenges if you get too bored :D


Justified would the fox lady by any chance still be up for claims?