~Draw+Design Thread MASTERPOST (NEW)~

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~Draw+Design Thread Masterpost~

(Got permission to take over this thread from Prismakry)

This is a masterpost thread for all art game threads centered on drawing and designing characters! If you make a new thread/ don't see one of your fav threads on here, drop a me a link and I'll totally add it :D
(luxidoptera also hosts a super helpful thread if you haven't received an owed piece of art from an art game thread after a long time: Unfulfilled Claim Thread )

Draw Others' Characters:

(Threads for drawing the user above/below's character in a variety of ways/situations)


Character Specific
Type Specific

Mode Specific
Outfit Centric

18+ Only Games

Draw Your Own Characters:

(Threads for drawing your own characters in a variety of situations/ways)

Draw 2 or More Characters:

(Threads which involve you drawing 2/more characters which could be yours, another user's, or both!)

Design Threads:

(Threads for designing a totally new character, from scratch or based on some kind of prompt!)

Outfit Centric

Design Threads (Existing OC-Centric):

(Threads for designing entirely new characters, but they're based on existing characters )

Design (No-Art) Threads:

(Threads for designing something for another character which doesn't involve drawing, some examples include creating a moodboard/using a dollmaker app)

Misc. Art Threads:

(Any threads which don't fit the traditional "draw for the above" style but still involve art and are in the Art Games forum)

(Ever need me to edit/change/remove/add a thread? Just let me know :D


Hello! I've closed both of my threads (sketch couple + chibi couple) I'm open to letting someone take over and make new threads for them though


Updated with the info! <3



These are dead! No posts for over a year. Ripe for removal.


This thread is five months old, but hasnt been started by anyone at all, so I think it should be taken off the list.


These seem to be the same thread?


I remade the couple threads!


This one's not on the list!


Celest Thank you so much for going through everything! I've updated the list ehe <3

Also, thanks for remaking those two threads! I love the couple art games and was really sad the originals were closing aha :D

I really appreciate it and it's a great help to the community! <3


I can't say it's everything, i just like every so often hitting up all the applicable threads and i weed em out as i see em. :p i rly only have humanoid characters and i exclusively do traditional art, so threads i cant do w those parameters i dont see. you're quite welcome tho! I know running these masterlists can be an effort.

also, didn't catch this on my first run through but this threads dead too.