~Draw That Pokemon From Memory!~

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Draw that Pokemon from Memory!

Just a fun forum game for something a lot of people like to do anyways! Basic premise: choose one pokemon from the 3 the user above lists and draw it without any reference! Just your memory! Just a little drawing practice~ You are NOT creating a character for the user above. You keep your own art!



 Claim+Provide 3 Options for the user below (at least 2 different generation(ex: Piplup, Cosmog, and Sylveon)

  Draw the Pokemon you claimed in less than a month!

  Edit your claim with the art! (Place finished art under spoilers!)


  • Put in a little effort! (color+fullbody) It's just more fun that way~
  • Place finished art under spoilers tab! Just in case someone else gets the same Pokemon!
  • Feel free to draw more than one if you get inspired~
  • Include a Canon Sprite for comparison if wanted~ (under spoilers tab of course!)


  • Claim if you don't have time, this thread will always b here when you do :D
  • Not responding to a message about your overdue claim=Ban
  • Draw anything pg13+ (this thread is not age restricted)
  • Take others' art (=instaban)


  Wanna See how You Did? Grab a Sprite Here -or- Here and Check! :D

  Banned Users: None Yet, let's keep it that way!

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Litwick, Weepinbell, and Aipom.



Finished! I tried (despite what it may look like), and the low quality comes from me not remembering literally anything from any of the Pokemon except Litwick (who I adore!)



I'd like to see some of my favourite Pokemon drawn from memory! :o Specifically Weavile, Flygon and Volcarona.



bastiodon, dialga and pineco