Lucifer's Art Commissions (and customs) [OPEN]

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Commissions by the Light-Bearer

While I currently still live with my parents and are therefore not in an immediate need of money, I do want to set up a personal funding rather than leeching off them like I do now, but due to mental conditions, I am unable to hold a proper job, part-time or otherwise (believe me, we've tried).

SO, since I love art and people have told me I'm better than mediocre at it, commissions are of course the next best option! My art is a little bit all over the place occasionally, but I hope there's something for you here!

Colored Sketch

[ ] [ ] [ ]

A sketch, but colored.

  • Headshot - €5
  • Half Body - €7.50
  • Full Body - €10


[ ] [ ] [ ]

My """"refined"""" style. Crayon outlines, and minimal shading. Some lines are colored, and a lot of the times that color will be a sort of gradient/pattern thing.

  • Headshot - €10
  • Half Body - €15
  • Full Body - €20

Pain and Suffering

[ ] [ ] [ ]

It is smooth! It looks neat! It makes me want to cut off my hands!

  • Headshot - €20
  • Half Body - €27.50
  • Full Body - €35

Custom Character

[ ] [ ] [ ]

A character designed following specifics set by you. Specifics can be anything! From moodboards to super detailed descriptions. I can work with anything~!
Base price includes a naked ref and one (1) outfit.

  • Base - €35
  • Extra Outfit - +€5 per outfit
  • No Naked Ref - -€5



  • Humanoids
  • Mobians
  • Seedrian (incl. seed subsp.)
  • Fanart

Won't Draw

  • Dragondrians
  • Pregnant people
  • Fetishes
  • Some other things maybe but these are the Main Offenders. If you aren't sure if I'll draw something or not, don't be afraid to ask!


If you are interested in ordering, send me a PM/Note here or on DeviantArt, or DM me on Discord if you know mine. You don't necessarily need to use the order form.

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Extra: Specific pose idea or outfit or what have you

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