[OPEN] OC theme music commissions 🎵

Posted 1 year, 13 hours ago (Edited 22 days, 21 hours ago) by circlejourney

Looking for a melodic motif or a piece of theme music for your OC? I'm doing music commissions!

(Note that prices are now $5 higher than shown in the video)

Order form

  • Description of related character and/or project:
  • Number of instruments: 1-2 or 3-5 or 6+
  • Length (approximately, in minutes, but feel free to be specific; default is 2 minutes):
  • Mood, genre, pace, other style specifications:
  • Links to other music with a similar style/sound:
  • Possible instruments (optional):
  • Budget (optional):

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Will Kattenkwaad


I'd love to commission a theme for Will.

I really like the example you have at the start of the "3-5 intruments" part in the video and I think a similar vibe would work for Will's theme. Something happy and upbeat? I know very little about music (but would love to learn more) and I'm not entirely sure if I know what I want (I'm so sorry if none of my ideas make sense) but I've been looking around your soundcloud for a bit and also really like this piece and would like it if Will's theme had a feeling or melody (though I'm not sure how many instruments are in there, probably more than 3-5).
For instruments, I'm not entirely sure what I want, maybe a guitar (idk whether electric or acoustic)? Maybe also something windy, like flute-like instruments?? Or that xylophone-like instrument that starts near the beginning of the Archipelagos piece. (I'm sorry for the vague descriptions, I just don't know a lot of music stuff) I'd also like to have something that sounds like thunder, probably at the very end of the song, or maybe the beginning? I'm sorry for this (probably) messy description, I'm kind of trying to get a better feeling for what I want Will's theme to sound like but I'm not sure if it's working

I can't pay much more than $50, so I think I want a "3-5 instrument" piece that is a maximum of 2 minutes in length.

(accidentally hit the "post" button earlier so I deleted and rewrote my comment because I didn't want there to be a half comment ^^")


Mistletoe Hey, thanks so much for your interest! I'll be happy to work on your commission, and don't worry about the vague descriptions--I know many commissioners might not have precise words to describe music. I'll work as closely with you as possible to make the piece of music you want. Feel free to PM me (if you can find songs that capture the sort of mood/combo of instruments you are thinking of, that would be fantastic, but not obligatory!) and we can get things in order there!


AA sorry, are these open? If not, will these ever be reopening? I'd really love to commission you for a theme! ;v;


c4t-nap thanks for your interest! I forgot to update the post but Mistletoe is first in line, I would be happy to add you to the queue though! (You would be third in the queue)


Sounds good! Thank you so much!


I'd be happy to hop in the queue, with the understanding that you might not get to somebody as far down it as me!


quidest sure thing! You're fifth in line now, it could be a while (I estimate up to a month) till I get to you, but feel free to send me the order form first if you like!


Thank you- great work on this!


quidest thank you so much, working with you was a pleasure!