Paypal/offer comms (closed)

Posted 6 months, 5 days ago (Edited 3 months, 5 hours ago) by MiikoYT

Heya i will be doing commissions here

Mostly good with furries but i can do humanoids in an anime style...

Constructive critisism to art and prices are welcome.

Offers i may take: (ONLY for headshots, halfbodies and flat fullbodies)

MQ/+ art trade, DA points, MQ/+ characters, AC.


- draw humanoids/anthros/ferals


- draw NSFW / heavy gore 

- avians 

- monsters/creatures


Prices: (BG is not included.)

Prices may variate on character complexity

(Prices for: headshot - half body - fullbody - ref sheet)

Flat colored: $3 - $4 - $5 - $7

(Ref sheets include: 1 fullbody and 3 headshots/busts, can add another fullbody for $2) (contents can also be modified!)

Shaded: $4 - $5 - $8



(Will use most recent) 



Order form: (in case of paypal payment. If you'll offer something else, please ask first.) 

(I tend to make white outlines on my art pieces, so i added an outline option)


Species: (in case i don't recognise it)

Asking for: (flat/shaded) (headshot, halfbody, fullbody, ref sheet)

Specifications: (pose/expression/etc)

White/colored outline: yes/no 



1- growlithe (flat ref + extra fullbody)

2- Saralaxy (feral ref + extra fullbody)





ABOUT PAYMENTS: i will send you a watermarked image BEFORE the payment, AFTER i receive it i will send the unwatermarked version. To avoid scams.



Species: coyote

Asking for: flat ref sheet

Specifications: can i get another full body, so theres one anthro and one feral

White/colored outline: no



Tysm for your request! :'0

If there is anything you would like to specify like poses or expressions for either the fullbodies or the headshots please message me, but if you'd like to leave that to me then i'll get on it as soon as i can :o


just paid and pmed you!


Character: Winnifred

Species: Ferret

Asking for: Flat ref sheet

Specifications: An extra fullbody showing her other side. I'd like the ref to be feral if that's okay. Standing normally and smiling.

White/colored outline: No



Ty for your request!

If you'd like to specify anything for the headshots message me! 

If not then i'll work on it as soon as possible!


growlithe wait you said paid? :o where? xD


OH WOW im so sorry, i was multitasking and had something else on my mind, thats why i said paid
sorry bout that ^^;