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Posted 1 year, 6 months ago (Edited 1 month, 4 days ago) by Ezri

I'm trying to save up, so I'm opening permanent commissions! c:
If you're interested, fill out the form at the bottom and comment on the thread or PM it to me~



Bust: $10 Sketchy | $20 Clean

Knee-up: $25 Sketchy | $40 Clean

Fullbody: $30 Sketchy | $60 Clean

*add half of the total for couples

- all prices in USD, Paypal only please! -
-price may increase for very complicated designs-


also check out my art tumblr here !


Kemonomimi, anthros/furries, closed species, etc. are all okay! 

No NSFW (some nudity is fine -- ask me about it), gore/guro, 4-legged creatures

Payment is to be made after I show you a preview sketch. Total turnaround is usually 1 day - 1 week!


Character Reference(s): (text is fine, images preferred)
Type: (Bust/Knee-up/Fullbody/Chibi)
Style: (Sketchy or Clean)
Price: (ask me if you're not sure!)
Other Info: (character personality notes, pose ideas, etc. Anything else you think I should know!)

Ezri self ping!

Character Reference(s): http://toyhou.se/217121.arie/gallery & http://toyhou.se/390043.carlee/gallery
Type: Chibi Couple
Style: Clean
Price: Would it be 15 dollars? ; w ;
Other Info: They are best friends who have a crush on each other. You can dress them in anything you want. ; w ;

Ah, they're so cute! That all sounds good to me. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I'll get started and PM you with the wip sketch later today!

Ezri Thank you!! ; w ;



Okay, you totally won me over with the adorable chibi couple you did for Jyuudaime~ ;u;

Character Reference(s): My OC Shiori :: [o1] [o2] [o3] and (if you are okay with fanart/canonxOC) Oikawa (from Haikyuu) [o1] but wearing this outfit ? ;u;
Type: Chibi Couple
Style: Clean
Price: $15
Other: I'd like for him to appear taller (she's 5'4 to his 6 feet), and if possible, I'd loooove them eating frozen yogurt! example Feel free to give whatever toppings/flavors/designs you want~
Or if that doesn't work out, maybe just any cute pose~ xD Also, my OC's eyes are teal!


Thank you! <3 OCxCanon is totally okay with me (I've definitely got a few of those myself oops) and that pose idea sounds super cute. I'll PM you with a sketch as soon as it's done! c:

Awesome~ >u< Looking forward to you PM, then!