LF: Art of my male OCs / O: $ [OPEN]

Posted 2 months, 7 days ago (Edited 1 month, 28 days ago) by INCUJON

Looking for an artist who can draw either of my OCs Valentine or Aurelio, possibly even together. I'm building a backlog of artists I want to commission and will bookmark y'all whose art-style I'm interested in! This is open indefinitely.

One of them is a male crossdresser and the other has darker skin so please be comfortable with drawing those things. I don't wanna make my mans look like a full-blown cis lady and the other be pale/ashy. I don't have a set budget!

I AM looking for: Anime styles, chibis (can be detailed or simple). My pixiv bookmarks and TH favorites should be a good showcase of the art-styles I lean towards for males.

I am NOT looking for: Moe anime type art (think of re:zero and idol anime), cartoony style, anthro/furries

Show me your goods! I'll pay via PayPal, no trades please. I’m not limiting the submissions I get either so don’t feel pressured about the amount of comments before you! Thank uuuu


Hello! I hope you don't mind Points Commissions, I'm currently open for bust shots, 300 points/$3 for each! If you buy a batch/4 icons it'll be 1000 points/$10

Here are examples of my art coloured_sketches__8_by_lanathebutler11_coloured_sketches__9__vimh_edition__by_l

for further information, check out my bulletin here! https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/150574.icon-commission-open-da-points-only-

Thank you for the opportunity! (◍•ᴗ•◍)



I do nsfw and sfw content, heres my prices! https://www.deviantart.com/cryptdom/art/Comms-open-849267823


hello! i have commissions open here, and i doodle chibis as well! i'd love to draw one of your charas if my art interests you! :D 

thanks for looking, and best of luck on your search!


Heya! I'd love to draw one of your boys for you if you're still looking~ My art shop is here and has all my com info and examples, but please let me know if you have questions about anything. Thank you for considering and wishing you good luck finding the perfect artist(s) for Valentine and Aurelio!


Hey there! I have bust- and waist-up comms here if you're interested! Feel free to browse through my art twitter for more samples~


hey there! my commission info is here and i have some art examples up here


Hiya! I'd be down to draw either of them separately or both of them together 

Commissions shop here: Caleum Commissions

Instagram here: @caleum_art


i love drawing beautiful boys!!❤ have a look at my work here: https://003kyrios.weebly.com/buy.html



Heres my comm thread  I only draw guys so no worries about Valentine looking like a lady, and only do b&w with tones but I refuse to leave dark skin untoned, so no worries about Aurelio being lightened. :3c they are both good looking. B)

No troubles drawing single or couple art, turnaround time is entirely dependent on the amount of orders I have at the time but they don't take too long. You get updates for every stage to check in with edits on details. 


hello! if interested you can find my comm info all here ! https://slugmugcommissions.weebly.com/


Hello! If you are still looking, I'd be happy to draw your ocs for you! Here is my Commission info.



I have this kind of sketchs commission open for now: Sketchs Commission or my new art style commission: Digital Commissions 

For the simple sketchs it takes a 10-20 days to deliver, and 10-30 days for the full digital. In my post there are examples, if you get interested, send me a DM. =)


Hello,hello! If you’re still looking for commissions for your ocs, here’s my commission info!

DM me if you are interested!


Hello! If you're interested, here's my entire work and info!

Thank you for looking :3


 Hello! I mostly draw anime style with lineart and painting style( you can pick which one you like), 

You can check my commission here ^ ^