LF: Art of my male OCs / O: $ [OPEN]

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Looking for an artist who can draw either of my OCs Valentine or Aurelio, possibly even together. I'm building a backlog of artists I want to commission and will bookmark y'all whose art-style I'm interested in! This is open indefinitely.

One of them is a male crossdresser and the other has darker skin so please be comfortable with drawing those things. I don't wanna make my mans look like a full-blown cis lady and the other be pale/ashy. I don't have a set budget!

I AM looking for: Anime styles, chibis (can be detailed or simple). My pixiv bookmarks and TH favorites should be a good showcase of the art-styles I lean towards for males.

I am NOT looking for: Moe anime type art (think of re:zero and idol anime), cartoony style, anthro/furries

Show me your goods! I'll pay via PayPal, no trades please. I’m not limiting the submissions I get either so don’t feel pressured about the amount of comments before you! Thank uuuu


Hi ^^ My commission info is in my thread here~

I'm offering sketches, chibies, and my full color art with prices ranging between $10 - 40 USD. I also like drawing guys and I'm able to draw the type of ocs linked ^^

Thankies if you consider~!


Hi! I'd love to work with you on an art commission! :) 

I am currently trying to help my friend raise funds through Ko-Fi. I will draw a head shot or bust shot for €3.

More information here: https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/158375.emergency-commissions-for-my-friend-3-?page=0

As for half body/fullbody, my prices are $10/$15 + additional fees if applicable. 

Here is my commission information page: https://www.deviantart.com/michuyu/journal/Art-Commissions-792751818

Examples of my art:


Thank you so much for your consideration!! :)

- Michuyu


Hello! I'd love to draw these characters for you, either separately or together!

Here's my commission info and an example of a commission I did featuring a dark skinned character:


Thank you for considering~


Hello! Here is my commission information! https://sta.sh/23u875yiisl

Here are some examples of males I've done:

- https://sta.sh/01jylm3xduzo

- https://sta.sh/02g2dfkvxmfh

- https://sta.sh/01foh2ytsh38


Ahhh I'm not sure if my style is more the one you like or Moe, but here are my commissions! I'm sorry if my art is Moe I legit can't tell 😭😭😭.

You can find my Coms here ♥️!

hello <33 id love to draw your babies!

if youre interested, I have these $8-$10 bust comms open :0)

Thank you for considering <333


Hi there! I'd be happy to do some art of them, I really like both of their designs! My commission info can be found here. If you're interested please shoot me a PM!


hello! i currently have a $3 bust sale going on here, but i'm open to being commissioned for other types of art as well! my examples are here.


Hi hi if yer interested https://toyhou.se/fiive5/characters/folder:1125464


Hey there!! I would love to draw your boys, my commission list is a bit congested rn due to being backtracked but I can finish your commish within a reasonable time frame!

I dont rlly have set prices at the moment but Half-body flats are $60 and fully shaded is $70, and for full-body is $80 with flats and $90 shaded.

Sample for flats/simple shading , Fully shaded sample , Fully shaded sample 2 wip + darker skin 

I can also send you a dm of the second sample link of him without the beard for his facial structure if youre interested in commissioning me!


hello! If you're interested, i'll give you here my commission information https://twitter.com/Banana_brainnn/status/1294762868391514113?s=20 !



Prices: portrait $ 15, half body $ 25, body $ 35
Chibi: $ 8-25

Here is my post: https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/145137.-open-commissions-?page=


https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/130977.-demon-s-commissions-nsfw-ok- My style seems like something that may be up your alley c:


hello! here's my art shop! https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/150158.phi-s-art-shop-2-0-open-somewhat-urgent-


Hello! You can find more about my commissions in here! :3