LF: Art of my male OCs / O: $ [OPEN]

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Looking for an artist who can draw either of my OCs Valentine or Aurelio, possibly even together. I'm building a backlog of artists I want to commission and will bookmark y'all whose art-style I'm interested in! This is open indefinitely.

One of them is a male crossdresser and the other has darker skin so please be comfortable with drawing those things. I don't wanna make my mans look like a full-blown cis lady and the other be pale/ashy. I don't have a set budget!

I AM looking for: Anime styles, chibis (can be detailed or simple). My pixiv bookmarks and TH favorites should be a good showcase of the art-styles I lean towards for males.

I am NOT looking for: Moe anime type art (think of re:zero and idol anime), cartoony style, anthro/furries

Show me your goods! I'll pay via PayPal, no trades please. I’m not limiting the submissions I get either so don’t feel pressured about the amount of comments before you! Thank uuuu



Here's my sheet for reference :3 Please let me know if you're interested!<3


Here's my commission info!~ Prices range from $5-$60~ It depends on what style you want to get, but I get things done within 1 to 5 days.






Heya! I have my commission info+prices listed right here; For couple art, prices range from ~$15-60 (depending on the style you choose).


hey there! i currently have commissions open here and i specify in guys! i can do couple art too!



I am not sure that my style fits but i can offer you several types of commissions ^^

Here is my thread with my prices and examples. For more examples of how i draw mens you can vizit my gallery

My current turnaround time is about a month from the moment of payment +/-2 weeks (for full- and halfbodies)

Feel free to PM me with filled commission form if you're interested.


Hi hi! Here are my
Art prices



I can draw couples or singles <3 you can check more examples in my art tab here (funny enough i tend to have more resent work here than da)


Hello! I have commissions open

Link : https://twitter.com/rakuryn/status/1303928691345567744?s=20

I’m comfortable drawing both!! For darker skin shading I can send examples if you’d like to check ^^ my icon shows darker skin shading too!

I hope you find awesome art!


Hi, I'm not sure if you're still looking but here's my commission information and some more art examples in my gallery! I'm more than comfortable with both characters as well!

Thank you for your consideration and happy art hunting~!



I can draw Dragons/Animal/human/Anthros/Couple art/

my art sample : https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/120979.nonaline-s-art-shop-open-

my Discord is nonaline#3836,if you need to contact me.(PM me is fine too)


Most my commission examples rn are furries but you can look here for price


And here for more art examples




I love drawing men in dresses :3


Hellooo not sure if you're still looking, i've got comms open! I can also do ship art uwu~  Image below is my concept sketch page comms (colored/uncolored)<-- This one is the most popular rn with my clients for ship art, but if you want cleaned illustrations, my non-sketch examples are here: https://imgur.com/a/D5acdPr <--- the prices can be negotiated through pm! ^^



Hi! I have open commissions here if you're interested ❤

(And here you have more examples of my art)


If my art interests you I'd love to be considered ^^

Examples: https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/159473.exc-commisions-new-offering-chibis-open-


Heya ~ They both look very nice and i would love to drawthem something. :0
In the spoiler box i have a few examples of previous works, as well as my commission info.

I'm usually done in about 7 days, but it depends on how well we communicate, and i will send you a sta.sh link with the work in progress. Let me know If you're interested! ^^

Thank you for your time and have a nice day!