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Leithsin's YCH commissions

  • Welcome to my YCH animated icon shop! Feel free to check it out and see if there's something you like ♥
  • Read my T.O.S before commissioning me: https://sta.sh/07g1dyrkg0e
  • Complex characters designs will have an extra charge
  • If you want to be added to the waitlist just comment down below so you can be pinged next time the store is open!

* Cat ears are not default with the base. It depends on the design of your character (Example: In a human character, the cat ears would be removed) but feel free to request them when you order! 
Animal ears can be modified to fit the design of your character.



  • An additional fee will be charged if your character has complex design.
  • You will receive a .gif file in the sizes : 200 x 200 px , 100 x 100 px and 50 x 50 px 
price$32 USD

de4wrum-6125557d-35b0-4fc4-b930-61c47b03 de4wm9u-be753fb2-0be3-427c-b0fb-305552cf de4wm9g-a132a07b-786f-4540-b40a-f852fbf3 de4wm9p-967ba4a8-666d-4c91-94f6-9530d834


  • An additional fee will be charged if your character has complex design.
  • You will receive a .gif file in the sizes : 300 x 300 px , 200 x 200 px and 100 x 100 px 
price$39 USD

de8tgio-6c093702-8b02-4ab1-9918-1f3d3d0c de8tgj1-c8d37017-3723-413e-9251-91348999 de8tgiv-130bba5f-56d4-4fa8-9092-dd9481a6 de8tgja-85852157-5c27-4f34-b195-63e4a229
det5xp5-a2a8cd39-ca04-4166-87cb-0451a6a6 det5xox-b9994117-226f-4ff1-be57-de576438



  • Order 2 icons of the same character: Final price minus 5 usd
  • Order 3 icons of the same character: Final price minus 7 usd
  • If you order 4 icons of the same character: Final price minus 11 usd


  • The shape of the body and the eyes can't be modified.
  • Turnaround time: Up to four weeks
  • Animal ears can be modified/removed to fit the design of your character
  • I can add ears, glasses, horns, different types of ears, patches, fangs, etc
  • I'll have to decline your commission if the character requires to heavily modified the base, feel free to ask me through a private message if you have doubts about this
  • You can order up to 4 icons per slot! For example: If you'd like to order 5 icons you would have to request 2 slots

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Paypal email: 
Email: (Where you will receive the final piece . If it's the same as your paypal email
feel free to leave this empty)

Visual reference of the character: ----
YCH: (number)
Color of the background: (If you leave this empty I'll asume you want me to choose)


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Code by AviCode

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Thank you very much!! ヽ(・∀・)ノ


They're really cute! Definitely coming back when I get more money >:3


Kaedexe Thank you! Feel free to order whenever you can ♥


these are so cute!! just making sure, would you be able to modify fish ears like this? twt



owzcean Hello, thank you! I can nvn 


awsome! i've sent a pm!! <3


Oh my god these are amazing I’ll consider coming back for one one day!


K1NGB0B Hey, thanks for your interest >v< I'd love to draw your characters someday! 


Would you be able to do him https://toyhou.se/8316465.tba on #4?


Toast Hi! Yeah, I can nvn 


great! would you want me to note you


Toast Yeah, if you'd like to order one please send me a message with the form ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Would you be able to do his ears? Just the feline ones, no human ears



LightSnow Hello! Yes, I can nvn


Hey, would you be able to do one based off of a doll I have?