[CLOSED] 💝Ikemen & Chibi Commissions [SFW]

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**Please note!**

Commissions are closed as of July 2021 for health reasons (conditions worsening). I'm unsure when they'll be open again, but I'll keep all my info updated!
The below info applies to when they're open.

Pinglist form link

If you have any questions about closing or my pinglist, feel free to send me a message or email!

Heya! I'm open for commissions!

This is my SFW thread. For more mature commissions, you can view my NSFW/Guro thread here!🔞💉


⭐ All my detailed info, additional contact, form and etc are available on my website! ⭐

I recommend filling out the form on my website for a commission! It helps me keep track of all your info.

Some examples:

(You can click on them to enlarge!)



Finished commissions for TH users:



 More examples of my art: Deviantart - Pixiv - Instagram - Twitter

Bust / Waist / Thigh-up - 70 USD
+ Additional characters 30 USD each
Bust / Waist / Thigh-up is all for a flat price. Feel free to ask for any of those specifically. I default to thigh-up.
SD/Chibi style - 40 USD
+ Additional characters 20 USD each
"Clings" - 30 USD
These operate on a YCH-type basis with the same pose. Let me know what you want them to hold!

Other commissions are done on a case-by-case basis. Please ask!
Want your SD commission to be on a charm or sticker? Please ask about your options!
Average charm price is about 10 USD a piece (double sided, epoxy finish). Different finishes are available! My Etsy shop has examples of how they look.


✓ Fanart, OC's, Self-Insert, etc.
✓ Shipping / Couples
✓ Blood / Guro (Gore) / Body-Horror
✓ Almost anything, feel free to ask!
✗ Anthro / Furries
✗ NSFW content of underaged characters, shota / lolicon
✗ I will not "age-up" underage characters for the sake of NSFW art
✗ NSFW of any real person
✗ Noncon
✗ Discriminatory art of any type
✗ Art of characters from: My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Danganronpa. Final Fantasy XIV characters are tentative depending on detail level.

General info:
-Digital art only.
-PayPal payment beforehand only.
-All commissions come fully colored and rendered / painted unless specified.
-All normal commissions come with a background, though complex backgrounds may cost more. SD commissions come with a transparent background and colored outline.
My specialties are masculine/muscled men and darker color palettes/themes. Please check my website and social media for other examples!

I would like to also note: I'm very chronically ill and it affects my hands. It can take me a while to draw due to pain and to prevent permanent injury. Art is most likely to be done in the middle/end of the 30 day period. Please let me know if you need it done by a specific time/date and I'll do my best to get it done for you before then.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, send a DM, or email me! Thank you!



Feel free to comment to be placed on my pinglist or fill out my form here!