OPEN!💝Ikemen & Chibi Commissions [SFW Thread]

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Heya! I'm open for commissions!

This is my SFW thread. For more mature commissions, you can view my NSFW/Guro thread here!🔞💉


⭐ All my detailed info, additional contact, form and etc are available on my website! ⭐

I recommend filling out the form on my website for a commission! It helps me keep track of all your info.

Some examples:

(You can click on them to enlarge!)



Finished commissions for TH users:



 More examples of my art: Deviantart - Pixiv - Instagram - Twitter

Bust / Waist / Thigh-up - 70 USD
+ Additional characters 30 USD each
Bust / Waist / Thigh-up is all for a flat price. Feel free to ask for any of those specifically. I default to thigh-up.
SD/Chibi style - 40 USD
+ Additional characters 20 USD each
"Clings" - 30 USD
These operate on a YCH-type basis with the same pose. Let me know what you want them to hold!

Other commissions are done on a case-by-case basis. Please ask!
Want your SD commission to be on a charm or sticker? Please ask about your options!
Average charm price is about 10 USD a piece (double sided, epoxy finish). Different finishes are available! My Etsy shop has examples of how they look.


✓ Fanart, OC's, Self-Insert, etc.
✓ Shipping / Couples
✓ Blood / Guro (Gore) / Body-Horror
✓ Almost anything, feel free to ask!
✗ Anthro / Furries
✗ NSFW content of underaged characters, shota / lolicon
✗ I will not "age-up" underage characters for the sake of NSFW art
✗ NSFW of any real person
✗ Noncon
✗ Discriminatory art of any type

General info:
-Digital art only.
-PayPal payment beforehand only.
-All commissions come fully colored and rendered / painted unless specified.
-All normal commissions come with a background, though complex backgrounds may cost more. SD commissions come with a transparent background and colored outline.
My specialties are masculine/muscled men and darker color palettes/themes. Please check my website and social media for other examples!

I would like to also note: I'm very chronically ill and it affects my hands. It can take me a while to draw due to pain and to prevent permanent injury. Art is most likely to be done in the middle/end of the 30 day period. Please let me know if you need it done by a specific time/date and I'll do my best to get it done for you before then.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, send a DM, or email me! Thank you!



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