LF: Couple Chibis (Open)

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Hiiii so to make a long story short my favorite Wife Coco Kiryu is retiring from Hololive and I'm heartbroken LMAO
She was the inspiration for another OC of mine, Camilo, so I'd like to get a commission of them together to soothe my Wounds. Not romantic so much as the both of them together. Something cute and friendshippy like peace signs.

I can provide more images, but I'm looking to get her drawn in this outfit:


There's more images of her on her wiki pages: 1 - 2

And she'll be with Camilo - Here's his design page. (something something adidas liking pair)

28164401_ZFR74A89n5FFflH.jpg33395785_qUaRgQxmtXMzGnw.png(chibi by golddplatedd)

If you're interested please know you have to be OK with drawing canon characters, and dragon horns and a tail. I might also use your art for my own personal printing (IE a sticker or charm) but it won't be sold anywhere.
This also isn't mandatory, but if you can finish before July 1st, please let me know. She's retiring then so I'd like to have it done before then.

That's about it, please show me your stuff and let me know if y'all have any questions! Thank uuuuu



Prices: portrait $ 15, half body $ 25, body $ 35
Chibi: $ 10-30

Outfit without body and additional outfit for the same pose + $ 15 (instead of paying for another full body)

Here is my post: https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/145137.-open-commissions-?page=

there is no surcharge for custom :3

normal working time - 1-3 days


wait! will she retire? ;; i didn't know ahhh ;;

Anywho! maybe i can help~ chibis are $45 flat and $65 full color
Edit**: It can be done before 1st july uwu
DA: EvokStudios
Discord: JS#5051



Hiya! I'd be down to draw the couple as chibis ^^ I've got some chibi examples in the spoiler and can get it done before July 1st!

Commissions shop here: Caleum Commissions 

Art Socials: Instagram - Tumblr - Twitter

Couple chibi fullbody is 2x regular price




pixel chibis for ko-fi owo


Hello, I have comms open and I can do chibi for $10 per character and I my tat is only 1-3 days so I can finish until July 1st

You can see more here


Heya! I'd be willing to draw for ya~ I should also be able to finish before July starts!
If you're interested in my stuff at any point, here's my commission thread for way better details on what I'll do and such fshsh.
Below is my [sfw] sheet (you can click them for full view as well!), and additional examples are in the spoiler <3

COMMISSION_SHEET.png Comm_Prices.png Comm_added_costs.png

Other Examples

Pride1.png COMM_-_HB_SHADE_-_RLYNBOOK.png 33774186_4AF5dB7Z8nYBN04.png 34167227_dcmcXvPNTw83jM1.png 34702040_kmClWbE4g4voXGo.png COMM_-_FB_SHADE_-_rainy_secrets.png 32001094_GJndyeXquJNmGeC.png?1616902236 SYLVAIN_NEW_APP_ART.png COMM_-_HB_FLAT_-_VenomousSoliloquy.png COMM_-_HB_FLAT_-_CHOCOCHAN.png
23205502_67gNCRswzjY8rth.png?1614427222 it_s_jerry_by_andyarts-dc7ji1m.png ART_TRADEDEDDED.png 8011130_5QDPeRcsDMey6AQ.png?1528500561 10579260_vxitddfChKz6zF7.png

Such a nice couple! 

I do mostly realism, but here is my last chibis, may be you will prefer this style    -




Hey there! I can make something like this for you!  $10 per chibi 



EvokStudios Hi I have a quick question! Your profiles say multiple artists, are these all their universal rates and can I specify which artist I'd want to commission if I do?


ah ah ;; i don't know how to use mentions here ;; haha
but- don't worry those rates are universal ^^/


hi, i'd love to draw them together for you. click on the spoiler to see my price sheet ^^

chibi comms


website ///// gallery

time: max 1 week with a minimum of 1 WIP image

payment: through paypal invoice

contact: message or discord prezial#3972

click on the spoiler to see my price sheet

$2.50●cheebs fullbody kakaerin

hello, my commission are open. More information on here COMMISSION INFO


I would love to do a couple piece for you! I usually finish within a day or two. 

Here are my commission examples


Here is my base art (i think i have a cute hibi couple base somewhere)- https://sta.sh/21mix5pqys1q?edit=1


I do chibis for $30 (+$15 for additional character(s))

(and it can be completed before July 1st)