Frame by Frame Animated Icons! (0/3 Slots) Closed!

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Frame by Frame Animated Icons!

fly_away_now_400_by_macemonster-dawacyj.Runnin tail 400 by MacemonsterThe best Z move, imo.Angry Oshi 400 by MacemonsterBlood Sweat Tears 400 by MacemonsterRose Spinx walk 400 by Macemonster

EDIT) 09/11/2017 - things have finally calmed down enough that these can open again ;__;;

In honor of my love for classic animated old school Disney movies, I really want to improve and grow my skill by animating all your lovely babes! I've recently had to slightly increase my prices from the last few batches I've done ;w;; The software I use for these are monthly subscription based and I'd really like to invest in some more advanced animation software.

Know what you're getting!

My FBF style icons are built in a vector based program. (Adobe Animate) This means my color choices are limited to web-safe coded colors. While they may not be exactly to match, I'll do my very best to get your characters colors to match the icon!
When your icon is complete, I'll PM you a stashed full size 400x400 and downsized 200x200 icon for your Toyhouse upload convenience!


I am only accepting Paypal USD for these! At this time I'm offering 1, 2 and 3.5-second looped Icons. You can either claim them in black and white outlines or fully colored animations!

1 Second icons: The best Z move, imo.

Outline, no colors ($10)
Outline, with colors ($20)

2 Second icons: Walking around town by Macemonster

Outline, no colors ($20)
Outline, with colors ($40)

3.5 Second icons: Whatdoyoumean Color by Macemonster

Outline, no colors ($40)
Outline, with colors ($60)

How I build and translate the WIP

When you order/pay for an icon, I'll update where I am in the percentage of its completion on this thread. For instance, it will look a little something like;
1) (YOURNAMEHERE) (sketch 100% outline 100% Colors 5%
2) (YOURNAMEHERE) (sketch 35% outline 0% Colors 0%)

Whatdoyoumean Sketch by MacemonsterWhatdoyoumean Outline by MacemonsterWhatdoyoumean Color by Macemonster

The outlining stage is by far the most time-consuming stage! If it seems I'm stuck on that stage for a while don't fret! This is where I map out the final structure of your character and solidify how it's going to move about. 1-second icons take a few days tops. 2-second icons take about 1-2 weeks to complete with colors. Meanwhile, 3.5-second icons take about 2-4 weeks to complete with colors. Sometimes it is sooner depending on my IRL work, and holiday pass over.

What I need from you!

 If you are interested in these, please try to complete this list to best of your ability ;w; It really helps me tons if I have reference to draw from of what you want your character doing, so I can study the angles and posture.
Of course, an explanation also works, but it might not be exactly what you want in the end!

-Character reference
-Runtime of animation (1,2 and 3.5 seconds only at this time)

- colored or black and white finish
-what you want the character doing in the animation
-reference of the movement you would like (not required but it helps me so much! And it will probably look better too :D)
-background color in the icon (White, Transparent, Blue, green, etc) **PLEASE NOTE!**Gradients and transparent backgrounds are not compatible together in this program. If your character has gradient colors I'll need to do a flat color background. The vectors don't like it xD. 

What I LOVE to animate!

-ANIMALS ANIMALS ANIMALS (I used to love animal planet documentaries! This is for sure my best medium to animate to!)
-walk cycles

What I'm not animating at this time

-animations with more than one character (non-moving objects is completely ok, like a stuffed animal)
-pornographic themes
There are a few things I'm not skilled enough to feel comfortable animating. If I feel I cannot animate it with my skill set I'll let you know before I receive payment ovo.

***Only taking 3 orders at this time. Animating takes a while and I want to give everyone their commission in a timely manner.***

1 Second Icons:

1). storm -colored grey-scale finish (Paid - 9/14/2017)

(Sketch 100% Outline 100% Color 100%) - Complete!


2 Second Icons:

1). Xhat -Colored finish (Paid - 9/15/2017) 

(Sketch 100% Outline 100% Color 100%) - Complete!

3.5 Second Icons:

1). SheepyStuff (Paid - 9/21/2017)

(Sketch 100% Outline 20% Color 0%)


Free from moving! Back to workan :) 

 Waitlist (first people I'll contact when a spot opens up ^^)

-  agenderself



Can't lose my own thread now can I ^_^ 


Quietly pings self and subsribes
Pray he holidays are kind to my paycheck


Awesome! :D Thanks so much for your interest!

And awe yas pokemon screennames >:) 


Pings self. Clenches fist. I'm so determined.

Ahh! Thank you so much for the interest! 


TheNobles  pinging self because temptation is real, need to check budget asap :)

omigosh guys! Thank you so much

Shoutout to OverlordPotato :D One of my first batches and used as an example!

But seriously guys thanks for the love and support! It'll really help me bring out more advanced looking animations in the future with programs like Adobe After Effects and ToonBoom thrown in to make these super fancy! 


I shouldn't, I haven't gotten a good paycheck yet, but gosh darn it all these updates from the subscription. I'll just get the 2 second for now~

-Character reference: Oshi
-Runtime of animation: 2 seconds
-what you want the character doing in the animation: As was brought up in the message, something with his tail please! He's a very unsociable guy, very catlike with his actions. So a plop of the tail or an angry curl, what have you! I'm not super picky (unless you want me to be, I can think of something~)
-reference of the movement you would like: I could not find anything for the flop, but here's a possible tail swish since again I struggled to find anything with a tail over the body, though considering Venos have massive tails I can see why xD. (Let me tail you what an adventure looking up 'moving cat tail' and similar things on youtube was...)
-background color in the icon: I'm not sure if this counts with no color- but a soft pink would be fabulous.


Of course! Thank you so much ;w; ahh! If you decide you want a longer or a full colored animation later on, I'll just tack on the missing price so no problem ordering small to start out! 

My roommate had cats in the past so I know a little too much about them x'D but the reference really does help me picture what you would like! And no the background color is static and requires little to no effort on my part :) So it doesn't count as a colored icon. I'll PM you my private information! 


 Thank you!! ;w; I've been animating since getting inspired by the legendary frog cartoons in my youth. The compliment really means tons to me <3