[feral] commissions - OPEN

Posted 2 months, 5 days ago (Edited 26 days, 19 hours ago) by miss_samychan

Hey all!

I currently looking for some characters to get into commissions.

They will be only sketches/ lined but flat colored for now. I might change that in the future, when I can handle to get more time. I do have a fulltime job and some classes in the evening, so please consider that.

I accept USD/ EUR as payment but ask, if yours is a different currency. And it's literally a PWYW.

For $5/5€ you will get a flat colored full body sketch and eventually a simple background.

Will Do
Feral/ Animals

Won't Do
Anything else, not listed under the Will Do section.

I will try most of the feral/ animal section but I won't promise anything.
I also have the right to decline a request, when the character seems too complex etc.

Also please note: I'm working in a fulltime job, so it might take a while, depending on my free time.

examples: fullbody

40492704_yR71JszWo.jpg?1633449048 character belongs to @Markie


examples: halfbody


examples: headshot/ bust

30552573_bWh5HVHr7.jpg?1613401430 30552608_G9HfpgQf9Lst7Nm.jpg?1619091864

Add-on: extra character/ art + normal price

With requesting art, you agree to my T.O.S:

Please dm me with the following info if you're interested. I prefer to keep commission correspondence through messages on toyhouse. But you can dm me your username and we can also chat via discord. Payment is via dA points atm.


  • Character reference(s):
  • Commission (headshot, bust, half body, full body):
  • How much you want to pay:
  • Extra?:

SLOTS available:
Slot 1 : OPEN

Slot 2 : OPEN

Slot 3: OPEN


commission - fullbody sketch with color and simple background - done!