PSA: PayPal Fees (DO's and DONT'S) + TUTORIAL

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EDIT: Unsure where to put this, a follower of mine told me "General" would be good enough. lol


Hey everyone. Recently, I was in a situation concerning PayPal fees that left me salty.

So, being salty, I posted a PSA on my bulletins.

Then, being even saltier, I updated and moved my PayPal Tutorial (used to be on dA) which I am here to share with you today!

Before I get started, I would like to just address PayPal Fees.


It goes against PayPal's User Agreement to charge
your customer/buyer PayPal's Trasaction Fees.


International Transactions

Please be aware that as of late 2016, PayPal has installed auto-currency exchange.
Please refer to my guide on Weebly on how to deal with it.
Please check in with people you are buying from outside the country if they want their money in USd or their home-currency.
ALSO, fees are higher than normal fees when sending abroad.


Transaction Fees

  • DO know that asking someone to cover your PayPal Fees will get you in trouble.
    • They can limit or freeze your account which means you won't be able to receive or spend funds, depending.

  • DO know that it is against PayPal's User Agreement to charge someone PayPal's Transaction Fees.

  • DO raise your prices discreetly if the fees are that much of a hassle.

  • DO not ask for your buyer to cover your PayPal Fees.
  • DON'T use "Friends & Family" payment method to avoid fees.
    • As a Seller: Potentially can limit/freeze your account.
    • As a Buyer: The seller is able to scam you because this does not offer "PayPal Protection" which means you are unable to open a dispute against them if they run off with your money.

  • DON'T ask your buyer to cover your PayPal Fees.

  • DON'T ask your buyer to cover your PayPal Fees.

  • DON'T ask your buyer to cover your PayPal Fees.
Note: If you were someone that added an extra dollar or more when sending money, that can be considered a "tip."
You put extra money onto the transaction out of your own volition. No one asked you to do so.
If the seller did ask you to cover the fees, then they are violating PayPal's User Agreement which you, under no circumstance, should be covering the fees.



Screenshot of the User Agreement Clause






Thanks for taking a read!

Feel free to critique, corret, and comment below!

I need the feedback. :')

>>sonyaism ♥




thank u this is a blessing u are a blessing for making this 
edit: pings myself cause i need it to stop people from guilt tripping me after i paid and they're like "i didn't get full moneys"paeon 


Thank you for the PSA! You have no idea how often (actually you probably do lol) I'll turn away from a nice adopt or potential commission (as rarely as I buy those) after reading "Please cover the Paypal tax", but I never have the energy to tell the person why. I have to eat paypal fees myself three times a month for my job, the rest of y'all can do it too.


paeon - You're welcome! Feel free to link this to people who give you a hard time. >:C It gets really annoying when you gotta argue about this to a seller.

Pepperly - You're very welcome. @ [email protected] I'm glad it can help others besides myself and my customers/followers. I found out a lot of people don't know because there is a "half-norm" where half the people fee others b/c "everyone else does it" and the other half just eat the fees like we're all suppose to. I will admit when I first started using PayPal, I did it too (fee ppl). But I have become wiser. o(---<


See this is what I thought but with it being so common for people to charge I started covering the fee..

I'm going to cancel/avoid transactions that require me to cover the fee.



@AtlasWakes - Be careful when canceling transactions, say someone sent you money covering the fees and you refund them. The refund may not be given back immediately to the buyer and they may not have enough money to send another payment until they get a refund (I forgot how long refunds last if not given back immediately but probably somewhere between 24-72 hours? You'd have to look into that). I've had to wait to resend money before when I got refunded for other things (like my browser glitching and sent two payments). 

kokohearts - I noticed that habit of others too when they send me money even when I tell them "no need to pay fees." And yes, please do link them! Everyone's gotta know. XD
And no you can save your dollars for other stuff. : )




It's actually perfectly fine to cover the fees voluntarily! It's no different than giving a tip, it's just against PP policy for a seller to blatantly ask for it. They can quietly add them to their base prices, too, as long as the fees are not mentioned outright.


Pepperly - Oooh, that's true. I forgot about the tipping part. I'll add that up so people don't feel too bad if they did add money ontop out of their own volition! : )


sonyaism That's good to know! Though I never did ask the buyer to cover the fees personally. I've always been the buyer covering fees for the seller. Next time someone asks me to I'll say thanks but no thanks ( or ask if this is something they expect beforehand cause yeah canceling commissions can get iffy)


sonyaism Can I PM you about something regarding this?? I would like to ask for your advice if I may?


 Treasured_Artifacts - Sure thing. I'll answer to the best of my abilities. : )