★★ CosmicAvelyn's Art Shop!! ★★ [ OPEN ]

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Avelyn's Art Shop!

Open as of July 12 2017!

Thanks for stopping by! With the job market being as it is, I'm currently having a lot of trouble landing a job, and in the meantime, I'm greatly in need of money for day-to-day expenses, as well as to save up to rent my own place. As such, I've decided to open up commissions! Let me draw your beautiful characters! ❤

Even if you can't afford to buy art, if you still want to help, it'd be super cool if you left a tip on my Ko-fi! You can get to it via the Tip Jar button below! It's just $3, and I'd be super grateful for your support!

Full ToS Tip Jar Queue




  • Half body - $20
  • Full body - $40
  • + Simple color - + $5
  • Extra character - +50%/each
  • Complex design - charge varies
Samples: [ ] [ ]

Lines + Flat Color

  • Chibi - $15
  • Half body - $25
  • Full body - $50
  • Extra character - +50% each
  • Complex designs - charge varies
Samples: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Lines + Color + Cell Shading

  • Chibi - $20
  • Half body - $30
  • Full body - $60
  • Extra character - +%50 each
  • Complex design - charge varies
Samples: [ ] [ ] [ ]

Will Draw

  • Original characters
  • Adopts / closed species
  • Some fanart (depends on my interest)
  • SFW romance - any sexuality
  • Some anthros (no muzzles!)
  • Guro / body horror

Won't Draw

  • Ferals / animals
  • Mechs / vehicles
  • Expicit sexual themes
  • Fetish content (vore, hyper, etc)
  • RL ships (actual couples are fine)
  • Shotacon / lolicon / pedophilia
  • Blatantly offensive or intolerant themes
  • Anything else I find myself uncomfortable drawing

Terms of Service

  1. One person per slot per type. Bulk commissions may be requested.
  2. Payment is required within 7 days of your slot being confirmed. If you need more time, let me know within those 7 days.
  3. Image references required, including at least one full-body and/or one colored image showing local color (with no shading/lighting effects). Written descriptions without accompanying images are not permitted.
  4. Work will not begin until payment is confirmed. If you must cancel your comm before payment is sent, then it's free.
  5. After payment is confirmed, if you need to, you may cancel your order at any time before work is completed for a 50% refund - the rest will be kept as a cancellation fee.
  6. After work is completed, refunds will only be granted under special circumstances.
  8. Please note that even though the portrayed character may be yours, the work itself is still copyrighted to me. You may not claim the work as yours, nor use it for any commercial purposes.

How to Order

Please PM me with the form below. I'll accept or decline based on interest, slot availability, etc. If your request is accepted, I'll send you an invoice and we'll go from there!


Name: ---

Paypal: ---

Comm type: ---

Refs: ----

Details: (Desired pose, personality details, etc. Optional, but helpful!)

May I post a timelapse/speedpaint to YouTube?: (Not always applicable, but I gotta ask!)

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Please feel free to comment here with any questions! Thank you again for stopping by my art shop! ♥