Dirt-cheap Semi-Realistic Commissions, 3$ - 40$!

Posted 2 months, 9 days ago (Edited 1 month, 4 days ago) by PanicAndParanoia

I swear my prices are to high???? idk help

8 Votes Too high!
6 Votes too low?
10 Votes Just right

Seriously how much lower do i have to go ?

lowered my prices after people told me to :')


!!Attention! I am fairly new to this paypal thing, so i might not get everything done correct the first time rip

Terms and Conditions;

- No refunds

- I won't draw; Feral Cats, Humans, Horses.

- You pay first, then i'll start

- Give me time. No deadlines. No "Hurry up!"

- Prices may increase if the design is complicated

- On another note; I am NOT doing Full pictures atm

- I only accept Paypal at the moment.

updated_commission_sheet_by_panicandpara !Drag into new tab for full view!

perhaps if i comment people will see? rip

comment again seeing as this thread is a month old