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I offer flat colored halfbodies for $20, examples here

I can finish within a 3 week mark and send wips during the process, thank you for looking!

Hey there!

I can finish this kind of commission within a 1-2 weeks or even less than that

As for the pricing, I guess we can figure that out since I haven't really priced my flat colored.

Most of my examples for flat colored ones are boys but I can also draw girls as well :

Just samples to show that I can draw girls as well:

Thank you for your time!

Hello!  I tend to have a more realistic style but I can also do a semi anime style like this!

Here's my comm info/examples--

I can finish by the end of this month!

dropping samps! i could do a flat color half body for $35 :> 

Hello! I'm interest in drawing Nobody (ha ha). I could make a halfbody for her like the examples below for 7$, i think this looks like what you're looking for. :)

I usually give a 1-3 weeks, just to be safe due to a wrist injury, but if all goes smoothly it would be only a few days.


Thank you for your time and have a nice day!

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I would love to draw either both or just Everild. I do single character chibis for $20 or Chibi couples for $27.

Cell shade single character will be $17.

Cell shade couple will be $22

Flat color single character will be $12

Flat color couple will be $17



Please let me know if you are interested 

Not sure if if this is up in what you're looking for
but here's my RLC info, thank for considering!
I'd love to do Everild!
Time taken usually about less than 2 weeks- this excludes any ongoing commissions beforehand.

Hello! You may see my commission info here:

I only have the prices for fullcolour chibis, but we could definitely discuss one for a flat coloured one c:

I'd love to do either, I'm £5(roughly $6.50) with a turn around of a week or less.


My Thread is here

Hi! Here's what I offer if you're still looking 


hello!! here's my commission info, i can get chibis done typically within a month.

I'm interested in drawing Everild!
Here's my commission info with samples: X

Hi there! Your characters are super cute! Here are a few examples (under the spoiler) of my chibis if you would be interested! These examples are flatcolor, which I offer at $20- but I also do cell shading for $25! :3 My turnaround for these is about 1-2 weeks!