31's Icons/Minis

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Due to confusion, this thread has been changed to be a gallery for completed commissions and used as public advertisement.

***** Monthly slot openings will now be announced via bulletins. Please subscribe to me for openings. *****



-Price is $8-$10 USD each
-Price depends on character complexity
-Slots always open on the 1st of every month
-Limit 1 slot per person
-Limit 3 minis per slot
-I'm open to drawing just about anything. But I have the right to turn down any designs I feel I can't do.
-Paypal only.
-Payment is due within 24 hours***
***If for whatever reason you can't fulfill this, please let me know in advance. We can work something out!

-Please PM with the order form provided

Order form

Character Reference(s):
Character personality:
Specific requests?:
Email address:


OMG i'm gonna lose my mind those are the CUTEST THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN.... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


lovebug Delivery!



MY PRECIOUS GIRLS they are so pure & cute!! these make me really happy ;u; thank you as always! ❤



a collection of minis i made for my sister :V