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atempause's commissions

Hello and welcome. I'm open for any type of work you see offered here, but if you want something else we can strike a deal. I'll say yes to p much anything that is outside of the Won't Draw list, I like to draw different stuff than the usual every once in a while.

layout used with ElithianFox's permission

✦ Payment upfront. All payments will be done through paypal invoice. You'll get to see the sketch, lineart and then the finished art, you are free to request changes at any point between these even after I send the finished piece at the end.

✦ I'm a European so my prices are in EUR! USD isn't worth the same so please check your conversion rates how much you're actually paying, I already run into some confusion with that. Paypal automatically converts the currencies in invoices when you pay, you don't have to worry about that part!

✦ I don’t do refunds to avoid potential scamming. I’m open to additional fixes after the picture is finished until you're happy with the art.

✦ For bigger more expensive pieces we can split up the payment in half. One half beforehand, one half after the art is done with you getting unwatermarked version of the finished art after the final payment is sent. For faster replies and such we can work through discord.

✦ I have no trello or public queue because I simply don't get enough commissions to have a line of people waiting. I can start on your thing pretty much right away as soon as payment is processed, 99% of the time I have no other owed work to do.


Will draw

  • Humans, humanoids, anthros, animals

  • Body horror, monsters

  • Robots/mecha/armor

  • Any age from teens up

  • Any gender and body type

Won't draw

  • Illegal, hateful content

  • Extreme fetish body types

  • Sexual themes, suggestive stuff

  • Closed species

  • Using refs made by Artbreeder and similar

Ask me first

  • Working from text descriptions

  • Gore

  • Artistic nudity

  • Redesigns

  • Couples, groups, animal companions


Rough linework with simple fast coloring and some basic shading.They DO NOT come transparent! The bg color affects the shades of the color I choose, it is not colorpicked straight from the ref.

headshot: 15€
halfbody: 25€
fullbody: 35€

35358332_rrCSGh17fuXljl8.png 3.png


Clean linearts. Monochrome colors. You can get a transparent version to color it yourself if you want to.

headshot: 25€
halfbody: 35€
fullbody: 45€

2.png 1.png 1b0e91593808da32fd28155720c836fb6c926e04 1.png inerri.png a40a92f4ee8e617e57e68172999111e8243d8830

Full render

Fully colored and shaded art.

headshot: 35€
halfbody: 45€
fullbody: 60€

36050532_ywlHxNThgrjiWLV.png 7.png 14.png 1.png 33857557_5YtQPlr9vBLzCVP.png 34331912_sGaeRZljyDm8qkk.png


Prices wary depending on complexity, object and character count and such. Can be any type, not just full render.

Examples of my past bg works can be found over here.

Simple stuff to fill up the space around the character: + 10 - 15€
Character being in an actual scene/room with objects around and such: + 15 - 30€
Detailed scenes with tons of stuff around: + 35 - ???€

26033034_WlfSZ5Gt3TmfoHL.png 34453860_LVLXFvvT0PeveWE.png 31163440_OMDkENVA747tSNE.png 24570677_hEsPv4cVwHEURjb.png 32278601_nn9sqZTsu7FGCkJ.png 33622247_wQou7DffdCYQ9Ok.png


KAY I just wanna say 12/10 Clockwork is an amazing artist to work with for commissions - guys her art is imo worth every bit you spend on it and heck if I don't think it's worth more than she charges. Definitely A+ at working w/ you on updates and how your character is coming along and if you've got an oc who needs an updated reference or has one that's not quite accurate or what you imagined them to be (esp for those monster children - look at what she did w/ my boy Ebon) Clock is amazing at getting them just right/fixing them for you AAAA I could go on but I don't wanna spam here - believe me a good artist to work w/ and I'll definitely be coming back myself for more art from someone that 110% knows what they're doing with those unique ocs



you're too nice to me //sobs/ thank you


If these are still open by April 9th I'm defs getting some stuff cause holyyy shit I've been wanting to commission you for so long, love your art!



tbh it's open as long as the title says so, which is like forever until i die because i have too much free time and no actual life lmao. thank you ;o;



On my adopt thread I offer custom designs, so I guess that would count as one too? Either way I can do it, mainly depends on the theme and stuff






for sure! just send me a pm with your paypal



Could I please get a finished headshot of Xarr?



my unhealthy obsession with the game should not be supported yet here we are lmao

yup! :> just send me your paypal, i'll set up the invoice and stuff as soon as i get home


Unfortunately, I can't afford a standard commission, so I bought you 2 coffees (via ko-fi) instead.



ah thank you!! ;v; i'll send you the doodle later today


Kicks down the door WELL HELLO I'm back and not broke and I have some childs who need a certain touch for art. If you're down for like workin on some of my dumb nerds and monsters again. I'd be happy to take a simple shaded headshot or two