🔵🛫 [CLOSED] Circlejourney's commissions

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Check out this post for cheaper/icon options!

I reopen February 2019!


1. OverlordPotato: 2 icons, 1 half-body painting x 2 characters on hold

General note about pricing: pricing variation is generally based on detail level. The price of the commission will always fall within the listed price range. An average piece will normally not be at the bottom price in the range, but somewhere in the middle. The lower half is meant for special cases e.g. greyscale colouring, very low detail.

Prices in USD, per character unless specified  


Bust: $12 – $17


Half body: $15 – $20


Full body: $18 – $23


Add minimal shading: +$4

Add full shading: +$8

9S9K3Sg.png NwsrBMS.png


Lined bust: $20 – $30


Lined half body: $30 – $40


Lined full body: $40 – $50


Lineless: lined price x 1.5

6631999_nrbOL3byZ8KOc9E.png 0b5M8ymt0QbkimoGDqDUAHOkaCgWZBKDNDQl9kDj Os1hLa8.png

Rough: lined price ÷ 2

10991664_68g2Bisel08qfVF.png 10739038_WIf8QPBkfD43D1k.png?1543510914


Bust: $3+ (part of batch of 2 or more)


Half body: $6+ (part of batch of 2 or more)

2Hr3sCH.jpg YC08Rwa.png

Full body: $9+


Add colours: +$3 for bust, +$4 for half, +$5 for full

2dmTKFT.png 0helgEx.png



Customs: $5 – $15

Want me to design a character for you? Just add a design fee to the base art price! Price variation is based on whether it is a design from scratch or a redesign.

7663459_puBrgdrjnQlfVXz.png?1527626759 CFGYoVZ.png bmJ8zum.png 9070921_EVPJZKKAICzVLPP.png?1534220359 M29hhHo.jpg

Background: $15+

0b5M8ymt0QbkimoGDqDUAHOkaCgWZBKDNDQl9kDj 8389092_lV6iouIvI8HL6i8.jpg?1530602828 tumblr_p0o86wn59I1sw1xnko1_400.png tumblr_p7jid8sqyX1sw1xnko1_400.png

How to commission me  

  • Check if I have any free slots! If yes, simply feel free to PM me here, or email me at [email protected], with information about your commission (see the card to the right).
  • I'll send you a quote based on your description. You may adjust your description as many times as you like. I'm willing to work within budgets, so let me know if you have one.
  • Once you are satisfied with the quoted price, send me your preferred email address for a PayPal invoice (payable either through Paypal or bank card).
  • Finally, I’ll run a couple of WIPs by you, and then PM the complete drawing to you once you're satisfied!

Order form  

  • Description of character(s) + links to profile and reference images
  • Size: bust/half body/full body
  • Style: (to make extra sure that you get the style you want, send a link to the example image whose style you want me to follow)
    • sketch: colour / no colour
    • clean: no shading / minimal shading / full shading
    • painting: lined / lineless / rough
  • Addons (if applicable): custom design / backgrounds

  • Additional information (if applicable): your budget, details about character's personality, preferred outfit, pose and expression

  Size guide  


Up to mid-chest, no arms.


Up to waist, includes arms and hands if desired, no legs.


Whole body.


  • Prices on the sheet are guidelines, and the actual prices may vary depending on the specific commission.
  • Pricing may change without warning. You pay the amount that is quoted to you and not the price given on the chart.
  • I may use the finished images to advertise my services or in portfolios.
  • No mass physical distribution or selling of prints of my work.
  • You may resize, flip or rotate images, apply text and watermarks. You may not redraw or recolour parts of the image. If you require a transparent version, let me know—I can get you a clean transparent version.
  • I don't offer refunds, but if you're not satisfied, you may request redoes for no extra charge!
  • Payment is only accepted through a Paypal transfer or a bank card payment.


  • I do draw ferals, monsters, furries, robots, and mechs. I generally do not consider any subjects off limits based on difficulty, as long as you are able to provide references.
  • I do not draw explicitly sexual content (genitals, sexual acts), gore, pedophilia and incest in any form.
  • In rare cases I may refuse commissions because of time constraints.

Character credit

If a drawing of your character is here and you would prefer me not to use it, do PM me!


Rough painted bust of Gottfried, commissioned by Raddishes :>


And a positive review here, too!


Flatshaded bust of Maxwell commissioned by Returnofmorningstar  


And a review as well!


B&W full-body sketch of Nathi and Thulani for Wonderland :D


And I got a nice review from them too!


Wren Anil commissioned by Irefe!   7294467_sdcVygF38.png


You're artwork is so beautiful! How comfortable are you with drawing anthros/furrys, monsters, and feral characters?


Conter thank you! I'm quite comfortable with those, as long as you provide references. PMed!


Rough painted busts of Sly and Sarab for Conter!   



Bumping for circlejourney! I'm super happy about the two pieces I recently got for myself and I highly recommend their art. I'm definitely coming back in a few weeks when I get me and my babe's personal characters refined to get more art from them <3


Flat colour full-body drawing of Blade for @Raymond!   



Flat shaded half-body drawings of Noel, Flint and Winston for RawrMeansLoveYou! ^^



Flat coloured bust of Brendon for Sarfiaholic   



*raises hands* Do you take description based references? Or hastily cobbled together references? I have a lot of family members to my characters that I need to make and generally speaking, they have strong family resemblance.


Emy hey there! Yeah, I can definitely draw from descriptions/photos/hasty references, but depending on how much new material I'm designing, it may cost more and/or take longer! PM me if interested :>


PM sent~!


It's a coloured sketch bust of Lacie for Returnofmorningstar again!