[TEMP CLOSED] Custom Animated Chibis!

Posted 1 year, 18 days ago (Edited 1 day, 4 hours ago) by Skulltopus

[4/21/19] - I'm temporarily closing my chibi commissions! Busy busy busy!

The prices start with the base price for the chibi! Base price meaning... Not animated. So here are the prices for those interested!

  • Unanimated Chibi (with shading): $15
  • Animated Chibi Base: $10
  • Animated Chibi: Simple Blink +$3, +$6 per frame for more custom animations

Returning commissioners can get a 13% discount on animated chibis! Or $3 off getting an unanimated chibi!

Note: I lowered the discount but it's because I am in need of money I hope this isn't too bad! ; o; I didn't wanna lower it too much!

NOTE FOR UNANIMATED CHIBI'S: I am willing to try anything to the best of my ability? But in terms of armor or anything too intricate that I will think to be difficult for me, could effect the 15$ price tag!

NOTE FOR ANIMATED CHIBI'S: You will be provided with a sketch of the animation you said you were looking for before payment as a quote! If you choose to back out I understand. But I do ask that perhaps you at least pay for the sketch? ; w; I still put effort into my sketches for you and ask that you at least pay 50% or less for the sketch? Also! I'm willing to TRY certain difficult designs, but like the unanimated chibi's it could effect the base price tag! Just so it's known, if I deem certain frames not need the full $6 perframe and be cheaper I will make that adjustment myself!

My turn around time for commissions is usually less than a week unless told otherwise!

Here is an example of how I draw Anthro characters!

I'm open to drawing just about anything! OCs, Fan Characters, Monsters, Aliens, Male, Female, whatever! I'm willing to give just about anything a shot!

How I work!

  • I take payment via paypal! I'm a paypal boyo. USD! I send invoices!
  • For animated, I provide a sketch of the animation you are looking for before payment as a quote!
  • I will try my best to keep in constant contact with you updating you on everything!
  • With both Chibis Animated and Not, I will show you the Sketch, Line Art, and Colors, all to make sure you're happy with it!

What I need from you!

  • If you're getting an Animated Chibi, I need your price range! ( A price range around $30-$35 is best since anything below is like only 2 frames and 2 frames just, doesn't look good ; w; )
  • For animated tell me what kind of animation you are looking for!
  • An email I can send a PayPal Invoice to!
  • A clear reference of your OC!

And here are some basic things I can't do.

  • Heavy Armor
  • Certain Weapons i.e Intricate swords, detailed spears, complicated staffs (I can do simple stuff)

Here are some examples!







If you're interested put down a comment below or PM me! ; w;/

Other Commission Options!


Can I get an unanimated chibi of this boy: https://file.toyhou.se/images/13186771_xfwm3lyd4PWyf6y.png Can he be wearing marroon/wine colored hospital scrubs and a white labcoat? I'm a phlebotomist (i draw blood) so feel free to go ham with that!



Hello there! Of course! I'll send you a PM to make sure of the details!



sure thing! 


I suddenly got commissions and I'm super appreciative of that! BUT there COULD be a delay in getting your commission within the week. I mean I'll be working hard on every commission I've gotten that I'll soon list, but I just want to give the heads up JUST IN CASE there is a delay.

Commissions and the order I'll work on them in depending on when the invoice was fulfilled:

  • iinasmuch - Animated Chibi - Completed!
  • servalien - Unanimated Chibi - Completed!
  • Mochi - Animated Chibi! - Completed!

There was no delay! I got to them all in time! <3







Your drawings are so good! Awesome style.
I send you pm :3



Aw thank you so much! I'm honored gosh! ;w ;