Cosmic Commissions: Art, Designs, and More!

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Cosmic Commissions Info
(Original commission page HERE on Tumblr!)
(Cutting-edge TOTALLY up-to-date version with detailed price guide HERE on Google Docs!)


Hey there, everyone! I'm a full-time freelance artist, so commissions are always open. Below, I've provided a quick run-down of my prices and services, but please visit my Google Docs Commission Page for more info and specifics!

If you have any questions, you can PM me here, my Tumblr, my DeviantArt, my, my Twitter, or my main Fur Affinity anytime. Also feel free to browse my Tumblr to see more examples of my work.



I'm interested in a doodle page! ouo


Chimney Ah awesome! I'll message you and we can talk Paypal addresses and what character you want drawn. c:"


have you got any examples of character redesigns?



Sadly I haven't had a lot of that commission type, but I've got one example on Deviantart and PLENTY of personal examples here on!

(Note: I don't have any humanoid examples right now, but I'm plenty happy and willing to do them. Just so happens that a lot of the adopts I've gotten in need of major overhauls have been discount ponies and similar xux)

Here's the DA one:

- And I'll link you some good examples here:

The AbdiKtor Ragers

Hi! I'd be interested in a talk sprite of this troll gal? Pixel art if possible.


Ragers Of course! I'll PM you for specifics. <3

COMPLETED COMMISSION:bd585722b6e363fde03be6c2c5ce99810c4f8b7f


Hi, can I nab a doodle page?


wintertidewolf 'Course you can! I'll DM you so we can talk about what you'd like, payment, etc. c: