Xaan's Commissions | 3/3 OPEN | [Range of Prices]

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Commission prices can be found hereĀ if the images below look stretched. You can also find more examples of my art by following this link.







  • Please read everything before posting!
  • Paypal only. Half paid after the sketch is agreed upon, the rest is paid after.
  • You can comment below to claim a spot. Please send me a PM using the form below if you claim.
  • WIPs will be provided throughout the process.
  • Currently no maxes regarding characters/number of commissions, but that may change.
  • I try to check in every day so I'll try to be timely.
  • There may be additional charges depending on a character's complexity of design, and the backgrounds.
  • I will do NSFW art, but you must be 18+ and your character(s) must also be 18+.

Additional costs (vary):

  • Pets or animal creatures
  • Big props or weapons
  • Babies/small children (usually cost less than a full figure)
  • Etc

What I Will Draw:

  • Human
  • Anthro/Furry
  • Feral
  • Simple machinery/mecha
  • NSFW (most kinks/fetishes)

What I Won't Draw:

  • Fluids/potty play of any sort
  • Feral NSFW (I'm not skilled enough. If you really want me to, I could provide a discount for the quality)
  • Advanced/very detailed mecha
  • Immoral subject matter (incest, pedophilia, non-con, etc)

Order Form:


Commission Type (ex: Half Body, Cell Shaded):


Character Refs:

Commission Info (Posts, descriptions, background detail, extra info):

Anything else?:

Paypal email:

*Note: If you would like examples of my NSFW art, please PM me.


Completed Commissions

While I have done a number of commissions (they can be found on my Tumblr or DA) this post is for commissions I've completed for Toyhou.se users. This way you can see more examples and also see who I ordered from in case you want to ask!

tumblr_pcqrjyf0fH1sjuv3uo2_1280.pngAbove character belongs to fruitsalad.


Above character belongs to Deltach

NSFW commissions in the spoiler below.

Note: These are signed "Matrix Multiplicities" because that's my NSFW blog. I still made these.tumblr_pcsv59Xueu1xt5rqxo1_1280.pngAbove commission for Malikai.