[CLOSED] Chibi Sticker Set Commissions

Posted 1 year, 16 days ago (Edited 3 days, 36 minutes ago) by Lukitsune
Payments are made through Square USD OR PayPal

If you'd like more information about Square and why I switched, I made a thread here


Hi hi! These are really fun to do so I wanted to offer them to people!

The character above was commissioned by YumiTheVampy !


Start’s off at $8 (this will be your base) , add $3 for every expression on that base.

Minimum of 5 stickers per set! Discount for a minimum of 10 stickers (can be either a two sets of characters or one set of a single character)

The sample I made would come out to:
$8 + $3 + $3 + $3 + $3 = $20

No additional charge for a speech bubble, small objects, expression signifiers

Accepting payments through Square!

*NOTE: The commissioner gets the sticker sheet AND the individual stickers separately ^ ^ *

|| Form: ||
Character Ref:
# of Stickers: (If you want an alternate base state that here too)
Expressions: (if more than one base, which expressions on which base)
Notes: (anything extra)

Slots [open]:

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2. @
3. @
4. @
5. @


1. SetsuntaMew
2. @
3. @
4. @
5. @
6. @
7. @
8. @
9. The-Temple
10. SenseiLuke

More examples here!

If you’re curious about the progress of your commission you can check my trello board  and/or pm me!

I changed the batch sizes to 5 people per batch (people can still order more than one set though). This helps me not to overwork myself with other commissions I'm doing. 



I'd love to get all 5 of the on base once for this character if possible: https://toyhou.se/2347815.misery


Nighticrawler Yeah, yeah! Of course! Just pm me your paypal email so I can send the invoice over!


Lotor HSKSKSKSKSKKSSKSK I’m glad you like them aaaaa! And I will wait for you, thanks so much for the interest! Just take your time hsksksks <33


IS THis character possible to do? 8'DD I'd love to get five stickers!!



Hi Lukitsune -- these are so adorable!!! I would love to purchase 5 stickers for my new girl here:


8D let me know!

Edit: actually, I would love to do two sets of five if you are willing! Just need to get my other character uploaded. 8)


kurusu Yeah definitely! Such a cute character aaaaa- I’ll pm you shortly for details!

DangerDove I can do two sets of five, no problem! Just send me a pm when you have everything situated okay :D


hhhhhhhh these are so cute <33 ima get one some time. I just need to...decide on a bab


Hey would I be able to be put on your waitlist? I am super interested in these ;v;


@millymarauder Thanks!! I’m really glad you’re interested aaa ;w;


Cofey I’ll add you right away! ^ ^


Ya dude! Feel free to add me to your wait list <333


@millymarauder added uwu


i’d like to be on the wait list!